Saving cyborg characters

If I remember correctly it used to be possibble to save prototype cyborg NPCs using a control laptop or something. However I think the control laptop was moved to the aftershock mod. Is there another way to save them?

not that i’m aware of no. I don’t think they even spawn anymore

Scrambler grenades can also be used to save them, but are exclusively available from Hub 01.

The Hub’s fancy robot stun gun might also work.

As far as I know, @Junknown describes the current reasonable options, as the control laptop has been removed because it was overpowered.

It can be noted that EMP weapons seem to have about 10% chance to scramble the robotic target in addition to damaging it severely (with a 10% chance of killing the target directly on the first hit instead). Damaged cyborgs have a lower chance of surviving their operations, though.

With the exodii lore coming in, will there be any Prototype cyborgs anymore?

try the hm12 dazzle rifle from iron safari quest, then take to autodoc and ovveride their personality

The Exodii themselves or the pre-Exodii equivalent of our world still had to start somewhere. Even if “our-earth-human” CBM tech is only barely developed, being faced with the collapse and presumably inevitable demise of the world might’ve convinced the scientifically involved to rush their experiments into the testing phase. If anything, scattered manmade monsters formed from the last gasps of our brightest minds perfectly fits the “what did scientist survivors do?” opening.

Wait is Rhode Island developing cyborgs?

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