Prototype cyborgs

I’ve recently started running into prototype cyborgs, and their description - along with the info I’ve found online - seems to indicate that they can be recruited if certain bionics can be removed. However I cannot seem to figure out how to do this. Do they have to leave an undamaged corpse, or be taken out with EMP for this to work? Is there some other way of disabling them without killing them to make the operation happen?


Tried to maneuver a live one to an autodoc, but it told me I wasn’t on the bed (the cyborg was.). Then put the corpse on the bed, and the doc said to take subject to appropriate cyborg facility.

Gotta try this again on new version, though. Sounds awesome.

Someone say Cyborgs?


How to save cyborg!

  1. Find “inactive prototype cyborg” corpse (If you found live one you should deactivate it by hacking or scrambler grenade then (EMP grenade and killing it doesn’t work) and don’t be mixed up with “Broken cyborg” they are dead)
  2. Find autodoc
  3. Put the “prototype cyborg” on the couch of autodoc.
  4. Activate autodoc.
  5. Choose uninstall bionic.
  6. Choose personality override.
  7. ???
  8. Profit!!!

Where can you find a autodoc??

Labs, hospitals, and shady basements have them.

but he died at zenzibar!

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