Tough character died instantly because of CBM removal

Hello and a happy new year!

This is my first post here, so I hope I’m posting in the right subcategory. I already searched and found a similar problem ( Malfunctionning CBMs Removal ) but couldn’t find the answer I am looking for.

Yesterday my beloved Prototype Cyborg died when he failed to remove bionic: Power Overload with the Autodoc. I’m pretty sure that he had more than 90 hp in every body part because I only tried a surgery when every body part was fully healed and his maximum HP was 100 (Str: 8 + 20% with Trait: Tough). So I did some research what the highest amount of damage is when you fail to remove a bionic. If I got this right the code in bionics.cpp line 1938 says in the case of a failure_level 5 you will receive a random amount of damage between 25 and 50. That shouldn’t kill my character. In further investigation I stumbled upon the function roll_critical_bionics_failure which has the line 1881: set_part_hp_cur( bp_to_hurt, 0 ). I am an absolute beginner in coding, so sorry if this is obvious. But does this mean, that the hp of a body part can be set to 0 and my cyborg just had some really bad luck?

I am playing the last experimental version with only the core mod.

Cheers to all Prototype Cyborg fans!

A body part with zero HP is broken, and a broken head or torso is fatal (broken limbs can be set and will then heal over time).

Thus, without looking at the code, yes, bad luck seems to be capable of causing a critical failure which then flat out breaks a body part, and with really bad luck the broken body part is one of the two vital ones.

Hey Palu,

thank you for your answer! Does this mean there is always a chance to break a body part if you are using the AutoDoc independent of having 100 or 150 hp? If so, how big is this chance and what factors affect it?

I’m not sure. If I remember correctly, you’re told what the risk of failure is when looking at an operation, and I think there’s some mention about an effective threshold beyond which you don’t risk a critical failure, just a regular one, but I may be misremembering.

Depending on how purist you are, there may also be the save scumming option…

Oh, I have crippled, like, 3 Prototype Cyborgs this week with the AutoDoc I guess? On my first run after a two year CDDA-break my cyborg died while he was crawling with a broken leg through the laboratory in search for food because every cyborg I play has the fast metabolism trait. Unfortunately he opened a room full of slime and he got surrounded… after half an hour ingame they finally killed his misery. The second run I didn’t know anything about the “new” nurse-bot. After my cyborg failed to hack the door for the AutoDoc I had to open all doors, including the doors with the failed test-subjects. While he was fighting them off the nurse-bot joined the fight and … grabbed my cyborg and injected him anesthetic… all while the failed test subjects trying to pulp him. Fortunately his armor was too strong and they couldn’t harm any vitals. Unfortunately the armor covered only 28 % of his legs. So they managed to break both of his legs. But even with two broken legs my cyborg woke up and killed them all. In the end I quit playing because crawling with two broken legs took 5 min ingame for one tile and it took too long to heal those limbs. The third cyborg got lucky and didn’t break a leg. But unlucky him, he couldn’t find any AutoDoc at all (so I assumed there are no AutoDocs in Research Facilities?). The fourth just died yesterday after he successfully removed Acidic Discharge, Itchy Metal Thing and several other bionics… so yeah, you could say I’m purist and have really fun with all the tragedy :joy:

But now on the fifth attempt and the surprise, that my last cyborg died although he should have had full health, I wanted to find answers to my questions above.

You play your single player game the way you want and that’s perfectly fine. I just made a suggestion in case you hadn’t considered it, which you obviously have.

The problem is that you need to get the two(?) crippling pieces of junk out ASAP, and can’t really afford the time to build up the skills needed to use the autodoc in a somewhat safe manner. However, the junk that’s mostly annoying ought to wait until you can get rid of it safely.

I know autodocs can be found in old style labs, military bunkers, doctor’s offices, and hospitals (the last one only provided you can clear it out in the first month or so, before the zombies have evolved and trash the place, including the autodocs, when you try to deal with the horde). I don’t know about research facilities.