Close robot except EMP CBM, scrambler grenade or hm12 rifle

In the game the nursebot can significant improve player install CBM, but I can not find other way to close nursebot(or other robot) rather than EMP CBM, scrambler grenade or hm12 rifle. If there are any other way to close robot except this 3 methods?

Also, please limit the solution in DDA, I know many mod can solve this problem.

What do you mean by “close” the robot? Disable it?

turn off it, so i can pick it up and reacitivate

Well, there’s also the EMP hack, the EMP grenade (can be found, but not crafted), and since you didn’t specify the version you’re playing I’m also going to list the control laptop (it’s now an Aftershock mod item, but was a base game item a while ago).

0.F,also the EMP grenade is one of the three method. It is too hard to find the other way except these method.

You listed the scrambler grenade, which is a different item than the EMP grenade.

Good to know there’s finally an answer to the question, but bad that the answer is that there isn’t any way to disable robots except as a 10% or so chance that a robot gets scrambled while damaged rather than just damaged (or destroyed) when attacked by EMP weapons, unless the scrambler grenade isn’t destructive.

My targets are the prototype cyborgs, as they can now only be saved if you get lucky when trying to destroy them.

EMP hacks require EMP grenades as parts for construction, and so aren’t something you can readily build. There’s also an EMP bomb which can be build from some kind of plutonium source.

about EMP weapon, as we test the EMP grenade is too powerful to hack the robot, it always break nursebot or prototype cyborgs by one shot. Did you know if there are other EMP weapon can do same thing but lower damage?

I’ve only used the CBM, and it usually requires two attacks to kill a cyborg (both broken and prototype), as well as TALON units. There’s about 10% chance of an immediate kill and about 10% chance of scrambling, and I’ve never had to do a third attack. Note that this is using 0.F-0 stable, so things may have changed since.

We test this and got same conclusion too, but EMP CBM is too hard too get one(but the more powerful one is easy to get),if we dont want to install CBM by SL, nursebot is essential, but as we see in this discussion, maybe there is no other way except EMP CBM, scrambler grenade and hm12 rifle.

As far as I’ve seen in posts scrambler grenades should be available for purchase from Hub01 (when/if you manage to talk to them and have reached the position where they’re willing to trade), and those seem to be the things most resembling the functionality of the old control laptop.

When it comes to nursebots, there are the deranged ones, and the “sane” ones. I don’t think you can use the deranged ones for anything, and the sane ones weren’t eligible targets for the now obsolete control laptop (I believe I could shut down deranged ones, but never found any use for them).

To use a sane nursebot, you need to have a doctor’s badge according to what I understand, start with the doctor’s profession (possibly due to it coming with a badge?), or initiate the procedure when the sane nursebot is standing in exactly the correct tile (whichever one that is).

Thus, I don’t think you can take control over a nursebot for CMB procedure purposes, but have to find a “sane” one and “persuade” it to assist.

First of all, I already successfully turn off a nursebot and reactivate it to assist CBM installation .
Everytime you turn on a nursebot, you will try to reedit its program , and it would say something.
If it said Welcome back doctor , it mean you got a nursebot which can help u, or it would be just a pet.
This process do not need doctor’s badge, your computer skill improve success rate.
But the doctor’s badge can trick nursebot when it is still not your nursebot, it would say Welcome back doctor if you successfully trick it. You can use it to assist your installation , but you still can not trun it off(sadly )

The derranged ones are surprisingly useful for a Broken Cyborg character, as long as you don’t mind the chance that it might automatically remove one of the few bionics you have that aren’t broken.

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