How to disable prototype cyborgs in latest experimental build? (10838)

It is my understanding that prototype cyborgs can be recruited via autodoc, but how are you supposed to disable them in the first place (making them inactive)? I can’t find any information about how to do this. Obviously the control laptop is out, so is the scrambler grenade (according to the item browser). Am I missing something obvious or is it just not currently possible to subdue a prototype cyborg? Are nonlethal takedowns even a thing in cdda? I have no idea.

Use scrambler grenades, you can get them from hub01

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Oh, so they just can’t be crafted?

Yes, they re not craftable but still exist and can be found in game.


Oh, thank you. Is that the place with the intercom?

Yes it is
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There is a recipe to craft an EMP bomb, but it’s big and uses conventional explosives to generate the pulse instead of whatever quantum mechanical trickery is inside that little EMP grenade. Detonating it too close to your prototype cyborg may injure or kill him.


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Is there a way to acquire a “# explosively pumped flux compression generator” other than by taking apart emp bombs?

I don’t know, but the emp bomb will just kill them.

Yeah, the scrambler grenade description implies that any regular emp will just fry bots/borgs, and I have had those results with the emp CBM. Would be nice if you could find these in somewhere other than one very specific location, or could craft them with very rare materials. I don’t see a hub on my map so I’m out of luck for now.

finding hub01 can be an issue, one time I had already cleared multiple labs and hadn’t found hub01 so I decided to use debug menu to find it, It was 4 overmap tiles to the southwest of the start

It’s no big deal once you find one, and I don’t mind that you have to buy the grenades. It’s just a slight shame you have no chance of pulling off a borg rescue with the materials available to you inside a lab.

I’ve learned that they’re really not any preferable to a standard survivor, I think it takes longer to “fix” them than it would to simply augment a regular survivor from scratch. They would be a good source of armor augmentations early in the game though :smirk:, taking note of that for future reference.