Salt and temperature

Salt freezes. I don’t know who decided that it should. I do know that salt water freezes at 0F, but that’s because it is primarily water, not salt. Normally, salt freezing wasn’t a problem, but with certain recipes requiring unfrozen ingredients (like salt water, for instance) it has become one. I can’t fathom why I should have to heat up my salt in order to dissolve it in water.

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Technically, salt as we know it is always in a “frozen” state, it being colder than required to not be a liquid.

You get molten table salt once it crosses 800 °C.

And seeing how those temperatures are unlikely to be achieved in any standard (or extreme, for that matter) player environment, I fail to understand why salt itself even has the “hot”, “cold” or “frozen” tags applicable to it. Seems like it just adds tedium when using salt for no particular reason. If anybody knows what I have to edit to make frozen salt usable for making salt water, I’d appreciate a heads-up so I can fix it myself. I can use frozen salt in food, so I don’t see where the disconnect is.

edit: also on the subject, salt water is freezing well before the aforementioned 0F. It’s winter 19 right now and average temps are around 10-20F, and my keg of salt water is frozen. Doesn’t seem to be a problem for making bleach, but I thought I’d mention.

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It’s sad that I know the melting point of table salt because of Oxygen Not Included rather than my chemistry minor.

Not sad at all, rather… expected. ONI is fun, anything learned while having fun is bound to have a greater impact on whether you remember or forget it.

If the education system was actually fun it would be common for a student to get B or A without even studying for it. Not to mention there are differences in how the sexes need to be taught. Males learn and remember better through practical education(physically trying to do the thing while the teacher explains, projects, and like in games where a gamer learns to play better through practical application of the facts), and females through literary education(books, study, verbal and imaginative exploration of the subject matter).

I kinda wish that they’d put the curriculum into a playable game, so that those who do not wish to go to school can simply try to get the highest score in the game and then present their save file to the education board to see if they qualify to write the physical test. With security measures both in the software and hardware, of course, so that nobody can cheat.