Frozen - all the food turned icicles but I'm barely wearing shorts for my testicles?

TL;DR - food freezing mechanics are bad ATM and needs to be optional or adjustable in-game

So, after getting a new computer and updating to 0.D Danny I found out that everything is now frozen. Water in toilets, almost any food item is frozen or freezes very quickly even if stashed close to the body.
I struggled to get used to it, but after a few restarts I can’t really get around it. It just doesn’t feel right to me. Things freeze way too fast, at temperatures that seem too warm. This is without measuring with thermometers in game - I base this purely on the way I interpret the ambient temperature in game using the state of my character and the environment. If small puddles in the swamp aren’t frozen solid then a few gallons inside an insulated room in an insulated house shouldn’t either. If my character comfortably minces around in compression shorts - a can of tuna in his slingpack shouldn’t be frozen solid. Also - have you ever tried mushy, defrosted berries? Friggin delicious, yet I get a morale penalty.

I realise this might not be and easy fix, and that there are complex mechanics behind - resulting from AMAZING work being done trying to set up parameters for a living game world. But I wish it was optional for now in game menus, perhaps via the mod system?

  • I’ll do some reading and see if I can downgrade to an earlier build for now, cheers.

Anyhow, massive thanks to all the awesome work being done constantly.

They contain an infinite volume of water, so that’s pretty hard to freeze

Also if you’re playing 0.D stable you are about 6 month late on the devloppment cycle, try the latest experimental and see if your problem is still here.

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Thank you - I’ll check that out and see how it feels!

If you’re having difficulty with frozen food, remember that if you activate a pot (or frying pan) while adjacent near a fire, it will let you defrost food.

Indeed, freezing is less of an issue since they changed the game’s start date. Additionally, the recent weather changes are also supposed to have affected temperature (in which they changed the start date again) and I don’t know if that made things more or less likely to freeze.

Once you get used to heating up food/drink it’s really not a big deal. Find a frying pan or pot, as was suggested, and it becomes only a minor inconvenience (and is often helpful for food preservation reasons).