Cooked food insta-freezing

Heat cooked food should not be frozen when the cooking ends. As it is right now, sometimes the cooked food is frozen as soon as it finishes cooking, which is impossible, it should be at least warm.

On another note, Why can’t i use frozen ingredients for cooking something? This is very annoying. I should be able to automatically unfroze them before cooking, if they’re not usable as is.

Technically speaking the crafting process is another item that is also subject to temperatures and while you’re crafting the food does get colder while you’re technically “cooking”. But in reality you’re just crafting, so temp rules apply. It’s also the reason why you can start with fresh ingredients, interrupt the process, leave it, and come back to finish crafting it and end up with a rotten result.

I think the ingredients start hot the moment you craft and get colder the longer the craft goes on. I recommend cooking in a heated room(little vehicle heater 1x1) in winter. It’s dumb, I agree, but it’s how it is.

As for not being able to use frozen items, I do not understand your issue as I use frozen meats, etc, all the time. Everything goes into fridges that freezes the edibles next to my cooking area and are always available for cooking, despite always being frozen.

Not all the frozen ingredients are usable. Can’t point at anything now, but once i notice an exact case, i will let you know.

If any sort of heat is used while crafting, the crafted item should have this heat applied to it and not get frozen at the end.

Yes, indeed.

Starting with frozen ingredients should also increase the cooking time as well.

Fun fact:

If in winter and the weather outside is sufficiently cold. One can boil a pot of water and immediately take it outside to throw through the open air. It should instantly freeze into snow.

Hot things cool faster than already cold things. Physics= strange sometimes.

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This is not a fact, this is personal anecdote (no, youtube videos don’t count).
Prove it by linking to scientific publications (preferably multiple) in established scientific journal(s).
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Well then…: This is called the Mpemba effect (yes, I know, it looks like someone hit the keyboard with his/her fist and/or head, but that’s still how it’s called - named after its “(re)discoverer”).
You can find the sources of this phenomenon at the bottom of the linked page, feel free to choose one/multiple of who you trust.

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It isn’t anecdotal. You were to lazy to use your web browser and look it up. Besides which, I personally have tested it and that part would be an anecdote. Yet you can indeed do it yourself.

I think YT is a nice tool. Try it:

This is fun, but it’s not what happens in-game.

The frozen clean water immediately after boiling is really unrealistic, annoying and antifun.

Have you tested the latest experimental to see if this has been fixed?

This is still a problem in build #10872.

I’ve just boiled myself some kompot and stored it in a thermos. It was frozen.

You can track the progress of this bug in the related Github issue: