Food frozen solid - needs defrosting?

Not sure when this feature came in - but I cannot eat an item as it is frozen solid, the text telling me to defrost it first.
How do I defrost it? I am near a fire, the item itself has no action to achieve this, nor does the action menu?
Or is it that the ambient temperature globally needs to rise before its edible ? I cannot achieve this with a fire?

I imagine the same way you heat food previously. So try using a hot plate, an atomic coffee maker, or a pot near a fire.

ah hah. I never heated food previously, just cooked new hot meals, did not know you could use a pot in that way… always learning.

No problem. Glad to helpits generally worth it as the hot meal buff stacks up to 20. Makes your morning training more effective for sure.

Something wrong with the food temperature. I just made a campfire hotdog and now it is (fresh) (hot) (frozen). I can eat it but still…

Meanwhile i found this on the reddit:

I saw the same thing, it doesn’t have the same joy debuff that frozen food does, but the text tag is now both [hot] and [frozen]
frozen water cannot be melted with a pot/pan - although I wore the canteen it was in and it seemed to revert to cold water - not sure if that was coded that way ( due to body heat ) or just as the ambient temp rose anyway.

Also Salt Water freezes at same point water does… I feel it should perhaps not freeze ( unless in ice labs maybe ) as salt water has a lower freezing point.
This has delayed my tanning operation, I demand reparation! :stuck_out_tongue:

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It still makes no sense that items get frozen in places like inside the house near the fireplace, or in the car while your character is at Comfortable temperature level or something. Seems a bit wrong.

Inside houses still show below 20F so technically they should freeze. Cars warm them up now as well. Additionally your own temperature is a poor gauge for the environmental temperature unless you’re naked.

I’ve see frozen food next to a lava stream. It was so hot my survivor was blistering as he went to retrieve the frozen orange juice. A very WTF moment.

Okay that does seem really off. This was after the heating change for ambient temperature?

I believe your food have reached “triple point” - a state of matter where it is gas, liquid and solid at the same time. I suggest you to eat it.

From what I understand, that is problem with lava implementation, as it directly apply heat to the player and only the player.

To be honest, I think that lava should be thrown out, it is broken and spawn in completely random places, midair included.

No, it applies to tile temperature check so it applies to food too. But a common misconception here in this post is the difference between human body temperature and outside ambient temperature. You can feel comfortable, or even hot in freezing conditions if you have thick insulating fur coat, and that is perfectly normal. Your food is not protected and it doesn’t produce own metabolic heat like you do. There is a small bonus to food’s temperature if you keep it in your inventory because of that. On the other side of the scale it’s no different. Human organism is working at 36,6C and expells excess heat, so you are fragile to high ambient temperatures and even few degrees of difference make for a lot from body temperature point of view. For food however it’s a whole other story. Ever tried to grill up thick frozen steak? If you don’t give it time to defrost it you will end up with burnt from outside and frozen from inside piece of inedible meat, while at the same time you will be sweating from the heat coming from the grill. This is exactly what happened with lava.

Throwing my hat in this ring. I’ll add the completely ridiculous bug of holding/carrying in some fashion a food/drink item and it freezes.

If at any time you hold a food/drink item and the temperature is THAT cold. Then your character is likely frozen dead. Sure some clown will bring up a few technical details of this. But in reality if you are holding stuff in your pack for example, and it freezes. Good chance you are dead.

Without getting overly technical about this. If you carry food/drink items. They should:

a) get warmer if frozen to a defrost point over a period of time
b)not freeze at all due to your body heat unless in the deepest levels of a frozen lab
c)should be able to eat and drink worn/carried items, but without a buff due to the discomfort of Cold
I mention worn because, Plastic Canteen, Hydration Pack, other canteen and garment containers.

Any food in your inventory already gets a bonus to it’s temperature. But if you pick up a frozen water bottle and shove it in your coat it will still stay frozen for a while.

But that is the problem. It shouldn’t be instant;y defrosted. Just not staying frozen. Nor should it become frozen while carried at all.

I have carried items frozen from dusk til dawn and stayed frozen. This makes no sense whatsoever. Even more ridiculous is that it froze in my inventory.

My point here is still valid. If your crap takes forever to defrost. that makes no sense. If it freezes while carrying it or inside a vehicle that is being used. It makes no sense. Chances are you would just freeze to death if your crap could freeze while lugging it around. In a vehicle(as we have no heaters). It is assumed you would be warmer than the surrounding climate. Which makes sense as you would once again die, if it were truly that cold enough to freeze your items.

Problem here might be item updating. If I got it right, temperature check is not often to reduce impact on CPU, but the item has “time memory” so instantly calculates few hours of frost in an instant. This is a bug, report it on GitHub.

Feel free mate. I hate going over there. I post the bugs on the forum. People tend to look at it once in a while.

I believe you, but i disagree with the eating part. It is a miracle and this hot dog should be treated as an artifact! Hm, maybe we need eatable artifacts… :smiley: