Idea for salt making

Had an idea in game the other day, wondering why salt couldn’t be just evaporated using the sun rather than a lengthy process of waiting for boiling etc.

I remembered visiting a salt maker on Molokai in Hawaii, and they just had black plastic tub drawers that slid into a clear perspex box. They were drying industrial amounts of the stuff.

Surely a survivor could be able to do it on a much smaller scale with relative ease and found objects already in game?

Is it a thing in a New England weather?

If you want to generate salt, become a developer.


Haha, yeah I have heard that they can occasionally get some scorching belts where the temps sit steady for days reaching temperatures of up to 30c.

I guess if you would consider current temps of UK, is it not also fair to then adjust the spawn rate of zombies in the game to closer match current UK spawn rates ? And It sure as hell doesn’t rain in game as much as it does in r/l /s

Jokes aside though, water will evaporate if encouraged with the right environment.