RM-13 Power Armor (ON) instantly destroyed by gaining Beak Mutation

Zombie Scientist opens his mouth and a beam shoots towards you!
You gain a mutation called Beak!
Your (2 Green Bars) RM13 Combat Armor (on) (fits) is destroyed!

Feature or a bug? :smiley:

Though we could at least do something like drop the components of the clothing instead of them being vaporized.

Or drop the instant mutations.

Having mutations pop into existence and wreck steel is not really a good feature and doesn’t fit in a game that pretends to be realistic most of the time.

Yea that’s a good point, then we could trigger pain or damage if people continue wearing incompatible clothing as their new mutations “grow in”. Eventually you’d have to take the clothes off, but if it happens over a matter of days you’d have time to manage the transition.

It’s technically a feature, in that it’s intended for some mutations to destroy clothing. It’s a limitation of the clothing system that having one coverage location of it destroyed wrecks it entirely. Unrelated to mutations, but it’s also possible to wreck entire suits by, say, standing in acid, or being shot in the arm repeatedly.

Damage it and drop, don’t vaporize. Please. Gradual mutations which strain encumbrance and eventually destroy stuff would be great to eventually have, but fuck please don’t vaporize shit.

I’d say that just dropping “destroys armor” out of all mutations would be a fine compromise between effort and effect.

How is that a compromise?

I think he means replacing it with pushing armor off.

I stand with the armor just dropping on the ground. I’am pretty sure that your beak would grow in a couple of days, maybe hours. But not so fast it destroy your armor before you can react.

Especially when said Armor is made out of (hard) plastic, steel or something similar strong metal. You’d just get hurt yourself, and might not be able to take the armor off if the beak is fully developed, which could prove to be quite hazardous.

Would it be able to make several groups of ‘armors’ which react differently to mutations?

simple Cloth and thin plastic might just rip after a while, giving you at least some scraps.

Soft plastic and Leather might get damaged, but wouldn’t necessarily be unusable. It would definitely be deformed though, means, you would get a badly damaged piece of equipment which would require repairs - you could also use it to craft something that actually fits your new mutation.

Hard plastic, steel, ceramic wouldn’t get damaged, unless the mutation would be extremely sharp and/or sturdy. Chances are, the player would get hurt by keeping that equipment on, because it wouldn’t give the mutation space to grow. Worst case scenario would be that you couldn’t even remove said equipment anymore, because the new mutation locks it all in place. You would require tools of some kind in order to get rid of the equipment. This is especially bad if it’s a helmet or something similar, which could stop you from eating, drinking or in some cases might even restrict breathing. It would probably also add a lot of encumberment to the body part until it is removed.