ReShade - add visual filters to your game

ReShade and CDDA!

Looks like ReShade works somewhat well with CDDA! There are a few glitches, but who doesn’t love that.

This is a program that injects into the game’s .exe, and adds customizable image filter effects. You can set up profiles with different effects applied, to personalize the look of your game.


No Filter


Static Filters









Animated Filters

Film Grain


Motion Blur


Give it a download here:


Here’s a shader I cooked up.

Download the shader for this here

More Screenies


Do you know a way to stop the screen going black in the menus and the map?
/e It only happens with the CRT curvature but that’s the best effect. not worth it without that :smiley:
/e2 Found alternative shaders. It’s awesome. With the curve viewing the map feels like scrolling a globe. Thanks for letting us know about this. Next I should find a way to couple in-game nightvision with a nightvision shader. :wink:

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I keep getting segmentation faults whenever I run any filters with it.

Here’s some more samples using my shader preset:

ReShade Example Screens

fire 3

boat 6


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Figured out something that might help. When you’re installing, ReShade will ask what kind of renderer you’re using, DX11, OpenGL, or other.

In your Cataclysm settings, you can change which one to use under graphics options. I’ve had success turning mine to OpenGL ingame and using that for the ReShade as well.

Another tip about using this. It didn’t like me trying to open the Reshader on the main screen but once ingame it runs fine. Ctrl+MouseWheel scales the text. And 1 or 2 will cause sgfaults and then everytime you open the game it defaults what you chose causing more seg. to fix just go into the file that has the game launcher and delete the Reshader stuff and then try again. test and decide what to keep before you get too many shaders trying to load at launch and backup everything as always just in case.

Can’t even get it to work. Other games it runs, but not this one.

Would you like some help trying to get it to work?

Yeah, I just don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I’ve got everything in the game directory like it said, including the preset like it said. On opengl as well as op recommended

did you set the game itself to Opengl or did you only install the shaders with opengl option? You gotta do both. The reshader text shows on the main menu at the top when you start the game when its set right. opengl is an option but i did direct 9 and it works.

Yeah, I set the game to it and installed it as opengl. I’ll try direct 9
Edit: after resetting the install and switching to direct 3d in the game, it now works.


By resetting do u mean deleting the configs and dlls?

And uninstalling reshade from cdda.