Frozen and black screen on startup

Hey guys,
I’ve got two bugs with Cataclysm
Firstly, whenever I startup the game, on Stable version, a screen pops-up with the normal menu but the problem is that its frozen, and the more I press the left and right arrow keys, the more the menu becomes distorted and dark.

Here’s some pics that show the bug

Pic 1. the screen is frozen like this

Pic 2. after a few presses of the right key it is slightly blurry

Pic 3 after many presses its distorted and blurry

And here is the log

16:59:22.434 : Starting log.
16:59:22.914 INFO : mod_ui initialized
16:59:23.851 SDL : src/sdltiles.cpp:1937: Failed to load audio file data//sound/Dark_Days_Ahead_demo_2.ogg: Couldn’t open 'data//sound/Dark_Days_Ahead_demo_2.ogg’
16:59:43.569 : Log shutdown.

And my second bug is with the experimental version.
With the experimental version the problem is similar but slightly different, basically the screen is all black but when I press the right or left keys I do hear a sound.


The Log

17:11:57.865 : Starting log.
17:11:59.696 INFO : mod_ui initialized
17:12:0.605 : Could neither read nor create ./config/auto_pickup.txt
17:12:0.618 SDL : src/sdltiles.cpp:2015: Failed to load audio file data/sound/Dark_Days_Ahead_demo_2.wav: Couldn’t open 'data/sound/Dark_Days_Ahead_demo_2.wav’
17:13:18.649 : Log shutdown.

Also here are my PC specs:

Thats about it, if anyone knows how to help or any troubleshooting I could do that would be great.

Nevermind, I’ve solved the problem!
I had lately changed some settings on my graphics card’s control panel, one of them was about the Anti-Aliasing-mode and wether it should override other applications or be Application controlled, I had it on Override and it was causing problems with CDDA