Animation for old style CDDA - Very New

Hey guys,

So I just downloaded the game online and did cdda launcher to launch the game. However my game looks like a really crappy google play version. My character and the NPC are basically just white globs where as the older style CDDA you could see your character perfectly just by zooming in and the graphics and even gameplay was somewhat better. What can I do to fix this if I even can, Or if the updated version for the game is just like that now.

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Are you looking for the undead people tileset?

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You may also want to turn on linear filtering. I’m using retrodays+, and without filtering it looks… well, bad. It hurts my eyes for some reason, probably too much contrast. With filtering it’s great.

This is currently what my game looks like. Is this have to do with retrodays and filtering? Im trying to get it to look the way Rycon RP gets his too look.