Request for a mod

I would like to see an SCP related mod that includes foundation ultra rare and absurdly guarded sites containing apocalyptic anomalous objects. I think it would blend pretty good with cata. For example imagine what you could do with this machine and get cbms with your life at risk. Or perhaps clearing a town with a self-recharging living smg.

There should be Science Lab finale where they were storing multiple Artifacts. I remember a lore-crafting thread where someone suggested that a Sub-Prime collection incident caused tons of artifacts to be teleported into the Earth’s crust and upper atmosphere (which is why you can find artifacts on Amigara Horrors and in craters).

I can imagine there’s a lot of frustration from scientists in finding Artifacts that they could actually use. I’ve found about ten artifacts and only one of them was even close to worth using; The Gloves of Forgotten Horror (Increased Weight Capacity, Spawn Shadow Snakes when taking over 6 damage, -20 Speed and increased bad weather).

Gimme a tl;dr on what SCP is.

A TLDR won’t do them justice, but I can keep it short.

SCP stands for “Secure, Contain, Protect”.

The SCP Foundation lives by this principle. They secure and contain paranormal objects, and protect the whole of humanity from them. They are a massive international organization, with access to practically unlimited resources, manpower and co-operation from Governments. They have the power to cause media blackouts, kill or relocate people if necessary, clear entire areas of people for the sake of containing SCPs, etc. They also have access to what are called “Amnestics” or “Amnesiacs” which they use to make people forget things (much cleaner than executing someone).

SCP is also a term that refers to the paranormal objects. Each object is given a serial number, a safety class, some tags, and most importantly special procedures on how to contain the object, or at the very least minimize injuries to the general public. The only thing that all SCPs have in common is that they have paranormal qualities.

The SCP Foundation is also ruthless and amoral as you can be without being evil. They’ve done some pretty horrible things for the sake of the greater good of humanity.

The closest thing you could have to an SCP in Cataclysm is the Amigara Horrors and the Amigara Fault. When the Miners dug into the fault, the Government arrested them all and used them as test subjects. The Amigara Fault would be given a Classification Number, and the Horrors would be given a derivative (The Fault’s number with -2 on the end), as they are part of the same anomaly.

Additionally, the scientists used Death Row criminals for testing their experiments in Cataclysm. The SCP Foundation offers Death Row criminals a chance to reduce their sentence by working with the SCP Foundation for a month as “D-Class” personnel. Naturally, a large number of D-Class die before the end of the month and those who do make are just terminated (read: Killed) anyway (although some believe they’re just given Amnesiacs and moved elsewhere).

If you want, I can go more into some of the more notable SCPs, but this post is already long enough.

Now tl;dr your tl;dr. Novel? Game? Augmented Reality Game? Funzies on the Internet?

The last one. The SCP Foundation is a website. I should have linked it before, sorry:

This makes me think of that game that came out last yesr where you manage a company that handles monsters and horrors in a management sim style.

Not sure what you’re talking about (because I don’t really keep up with games). All I know is that the SCP Foundation as a concept started about 10 years ago on Something Awful with SCP-173.

I can TL;DR this one. Its a Rebar and Concrete statue that is animate and hostile. If not being observed, it can move at high speeds, and will attack people fatally by snapping their necks. However, if someone is observing it, it cannot move at all. Naturally, you better hope you’re not alone when you encounter it or you could die the moment you blink.

So the SCP foundation is a ripoff? That’s a Weeping Angel from Doctor Who.

SCP-173 came before the Weeping Angels. The similarities between the two are pure coincidence.

FYI that game is Lobotomy incorporated, and it actually IS a ripoff of the SCP Foundation.

If SCP mod where made a lot of artifacts would be inside it’s “sites”, also weird (and absurdly dangerous) monsters.

Would also like a tankapault.

There is actually an organization within the scp universe called Anderson Robotics, and they make Self Powered Implants and various kinds of bots that may ruin your day like the Aplomado 2 meters tall 4 barreled turret that self repairs, the heavily armed Merlin Aereal Drone, the Peregrine domestic and combat androind and finally the Saker android that looks pretty much like a normal human.

Sadly 173 wouldn’t work in CDDA’s format, as your character is considered to be constantly looking in every direction. 682 could be pretty crazy though. Or the old man/radical larry.

The only reasonable way I see 682 being implemented is either a. An Uber boss or b. A thing you constantly have to run and hide from while exploring a facility. The main Hiccup I see with the old man is he flows through solid objects instead of demolishing them.

Option B was more what I imagined. You’d have to arrange things so that you have the opportunity to find out upon entering the facility but before meeting 682 that no, this is not a foe you can possibly beat, and you should run from it.

Also the old man heavily corrodes whatever he passes through. So yeah, he’s probably not a good option in game terms.

Or folding unicycle away from. (Isn’t he pretty dang fast)

682 (Hard to Destroy Reptile): Hulk + Feral Predator + Jabberwock. When it dies, it doesn’t leave a corpse that can be butchered, and will “reanimate” the same way zombies do, all while having the healing abilities of a Shoggoth. Has a particular weakness to acid. The best way to deal with him is to ‘kill’ him in his chamber and LEAVE AND NEVER RETURN.

106 (The Old Man): Uses the Probability Travel Code to travel through walls. Will directly path to the player and attack them with acid.

076 (Able): Should spawn as an NPC, not a monster. Might be possible to get him to be your ally (maybe you’ll have better luck than Omega-7), making him a highly skilled ally who’s basically a Medical Mutant with very high STR, DEX and PER. However, more likely, he’ll try and fight you.

SCP-668 (13’'Chef’s Knife): An item that when equipped, will randomly cause you to use the Fear attack possessed by Flesh Angels and Amigara Horrors. It shouldn’t have its exact effect, because that’d be ridiculous.

294 (Liquid Dispenser): Very large and heavy tool, possibly vehicle mounted item that is used in a long list of recipes for every single liquid in the game, plus some other liquids added with the mod such as molten metals. All recipes should be obtained from 294’s document, which would also be found in the facility. The only input required is 50 cents in physical coins, either added as loot or forged by the player, plus 1 of 50 max charges in 294. 294’s charges replenish automatically over the course of 90 minutes.

1370 (Pesterbot): Hostile but completely harmless. Bashes obstacles (not that it can damage them). Lots of hilarious voice lines.

420-J (The Good Stuff): Marijuana, but with a stupidly high enjoyability. If possible, pacifies anything that inhales the fumes, alive or not.

117 (Multitool): Most stats identical to a normal multitool, except it has additional tool qualities and can be substituted for nearly any tool used in crafting, with a few exceptions such as the anvil and crucible. Does not require any energy source even when substituting for a soldering iron, welder, etc.

2041-J (Tankapult): Vehicle-mounted weapon loaded with broken tank drones. Might not be possible to use/represent properly in-game.

902 (Ticking Box): Initial description: “An old metal ammo box, heavily corroded by natural processes. An audible ticking sound is heard from within.” Can be 'a’ctivated to open it, changing the description to: “There’s nothing there.” Can be 'a’ctivated again to close it, changing the description to: “There’s something there.” Further 'a’ctivations cycle between the latter two descriptions.

Augh I forgot how creepy some of the SCPs could be. A lot of the creepy ones can’t really be emulated in Cata through simple json editing though, which is unfortunate because SCP is all about that creepy nagging feeling you get from reading about the SCPs, and you go to bed still thinking “why” and “what if”.