Does anyone think a SCP Mod/Total Conversion would be cool?

It would be cool to see a SCP themed mod with custom monsters, items, NPCs and professions. Like a SCP total conversion mod. It would be a lot of work, but I can help with the lore/story. I’m a pretty decent writer. Anyone think this would be cool?


My response is going to be a “yes, but…” for a couple of reasons.
First, coming up with ideas is usually the easy part. Actually implementing them takes effort. Even with little to no game dev experience, I would still encourage you to look into making content yourself. If you start with something small, it’s fairly easy to get started.

Second, total overhauls often imples removing q lot of vanilla content to be replaced with mod specific content. Since CDDA has a lot of content, it would be hard to gain traction in the playerbase without putting in a ludicrous amount of work to reach parity.

Third (and this is more of a question): Outside of anomalies and SCP specific locations, how much SCP items are there? Enough to warrant an entire overhaul?


I’d want to eventually add every SCP that is feasible to add. Meaning the more eldritch, paranormal ones would likely only be referenced as an easter egg. I’ve got too much going on to learn C++ right now, though, Only have so much time in a day. Maybe once things calm down, if no one else has taken up the torch I’ll try and teach myself.

If you need C++ stuff out of the gate, and can’t contribute that yourself (or have someone willing lined up), you arw probably not going anywhere. Fortunately, a lot of stuff is doable with just JSON, so there is still hope. Start with a single anomaly or site, just a minor one, and feel things out.

Yeah, start working on it if you want to get it done.

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Not going to lie the only few SCP I could see being interesting in this would be.

999 as a passive follower that protected you but needed candy

the sentient Lego / clay that could be used for weaker enemies / distractions

And finally

Mal0 which could act similar to malkavians from vampire the Masquerade that would give you information without having to obtain it yourself.
(Ie. There would be a line of red text saying there’s a huge enemy around the corner)

I think from a monster/encounter and artifact standpoint there are tons of cool things to be had, CDDA and SCP deal with very similar subject matter with weird encounters and artifacts I mean the flesh that hates could be similar to fungal towers.

I would love to see an SCP mod in CDDA, it’s a match made in heaven

SCP + CDDA i would have a heart attack of happyness. Like if i swallowed 999!
Seriously, both would fit SO WELL.