(REQ) Mods that are working on Android

Was browsing for some mods here but some of the mods aren’t working most have errors(tried catac++ but it had errors).
Any mods here that works on Android and spice up the game a bit? Thanks

Probably it’s because your android CDDA is outdated. Head into this topic and try out the latest version, this might fix the incompatibility of most mods :wink:

Might be just got this game on PlayStore… Thanks

On Google Play Store, the CDDA developed by CleverRaven is further updated than Michael Davies:+1:

I have a modified version of Goat Mods. I went through it and painstakingly searched for mods that wouldnt work for CDDA 0.E Experimental on Android (as of the time this was posted). Gimme a moment to find the shit.

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