Android unable to instal mods, soundpacks, and tilesets

Help! For some reason i cant get either sound packs or tilesets to work. Im using the experimental version on android. I theoretically know how to instal both and mods but when i try to activate them in game i don’t have the option. For example only the basic sound pack exists or the pre existing tilesets.

Ive dropped my tileset in the gfx folder but it doesn’t give me the option to activate it.
I did the sound pack right too by unpacking oto in the sound folder but it doesn’t work either.
I can deal woth no sounds (Personally i think i make great zombie and dinosaur sounds :stuck_out_tongue: )
But hunting and taming letters just aint doing it for me. Kinda dampens my spirits when im trying to make a village in a innawood dino mod world.

Again still having trouble. ive had cataclysm for years and recently reinstalled it when i got a new phone. Ive installed mods, tilesets, and sound packs, in the past with no trouble using the x-plor file manager app.

ive followed every guide i can find ive tried multiple mods, sound packs, and tilesets on both the experimental and stable builds but nothing is working.

It doesn’t even show it in the mods in the world creator. the only things that show up are the mods sound packs and tilesets that are already in the builds.

Im desperate i would just buy a laptop and do it on there but im broke. if anyone can give me suggestions please help. Cataclysms one of the few escapes i have left and it feels like i can only use it to a eighth of its potential right now.

Are you sure you dropped it inside CDDA/gfx ?

100% sure I’m thinking it’s just the phones fault at this point. I have a Revel 6 that came free with the phone plan and I’m thinking its messing with the games access or something. Even checked the games permissions to see if I needed it to give it file manipulation or something but the only option is file access which when ticked then says only media file access.

Even though I haven’t had access to a phone or computer for a few years this phone makes me feel like pulling my hair out

You can try to borrow someones laptop, connect your phone then fix it there lmao.

does the android version not come with a lot of tilesets?

It does, but more than half of them are ascii tilesets, and the other half are remixes of ultica and msxotto.

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