Mods for cell phone?

someone could tell me if you can install mods for the cell phone and if so could you give me a list of the mods that you know (also a pack of sounds) and they could also tell me how they are installed in the cell phone, they would be grateful a lot

google translate?
The android version (which I assume you are referring too) I don’t think has been updated for a while now, and I don’t think it ever came mod-ready. You would probably have to do that yourself, or find someone else to do so. Sorry.

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Yep, my level of writing in English is not so good

and yes, my cell phone is androi

but it is assumed that in the update of the beginning of the year says that you can install mods for the game on the cell phone

Oh cool. I havn’t done much with the mobile version, I preffer having a full keyboard to play CDDA with too much. Maybe if I had a bigger screen? I’ll not comment anymore as I’m even less well informed with the mobile as I am with normal CDDA.

Ok thank you, I hope someone can help me

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We should try to cintact the programmer who published it for Android.

The only chance we got to get some insight.

Apart from activating mods that were installed already havent touched that subject.
I used to play C:DDA a lot on my laptop, and since I found the Android version almost exclusively there.

Been trying to get some answers about Android version, however forum doesnt seem to know yet, noone in charge for that department either. Only chance is to get back in touch with the Android guy Mr. Michael Davies

A lot of mods are tagged “mod” on this site. Here’s a mod list:
If you get errors when installing them, they could be caused by outdated JSON definitions in the mod.

@israel_carpio are you having difficulty downloading and unzipping mods?

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Here’s how i install mods on my phone
1.After downloading the mod you want
2.go to downloads and find your mod
3.Then Extract the mod file to Android/data/michael/data/mods (i use ES File Explorer for this since i cant understand my file manager)
Hope this helps


Havent tried it. If it works that will be very helpful for modders.

Then it could become part of a pinned post for the (new Android?) Section of this forum.