Removing species from the game

I’am kinda new to modding so expect me not to know things.
I want to remove everything except Wildlife,Zombies,Zombies Animals, and robots. I tried mods that remove Monsters but all of them simply remove too less or remove to much, I also tried the Classical Zombie option but it didn’t work.
So I looked inside the Modinfo.json to see how blacklists works. I got a pretty good idea how it works
I know I would be removing tons of monsters from the game,and I really didn’t want to type out a huge blacklist. So a few questions:
Is there a easier way to eliminate species without having to blacklist every single monster?
Would turning on Classical Zombies then whitelisting monsters works?
Is this : still a issue?
Is there a way to get rid of anthills,fungal towers,beehives and similar stuff after I blacklist the creatures that used to live in there?

Check out the no fungi mods to see how to effectively blacklist structures like fungal towers.

Look at the wildlife only mod, it uses the exclusive whitelist feature that blacklists every monster, then re-adds just the listed monsters. If you want to blacklist roughly half of the monsters you’re stuck typing a big list either way.