How do i get rid of shady zombies and others who see in the dark

I just want to get rid of the ones that see in the dark, I don’t want to get rid of anything else. how would I do this. I don’t know anything about coding I just found this game a week ago.

You can blacklist some creatures by modding, this means they will not spawn in your world :wink:

Blacklisting looks like this in a mod:

    "type": "MONSTER_BLACKLIST",
    "monsters": [ "mon_zombie_spitter", "mon_zombie_corrosive", "mon_zombie_acidic" ]

Just change the "mon_zombie_spitter", "mon_zombie_corrosive" and "mon_zombie_acidic" with "mon_zombie_shady"

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wow that was so much easier than I expected, thank you! :blush: