Reloading with spare clip and more than one type of ammo

FYI: Got some 5.56, and some .223. Emptied my gun. R->5.56=45-0-0, once more R = 45-30-0. BUT, if i chose .223 to load instead, it doesn’t reload spare (Can’t reload your M4A1++++). Also, if i fire one round, and there’s 44-0-0 - its still refuses to reload without unloading first. If i drop my 5.56 everything goes as planed. Similar things happens with other guns too (H&K UMP45, USP 9mm…), M4A1 is just an example.
And unrelated - extended clip doesn’t apply to spares? 0_o How’s that? M4A1 with extended, spare and M203 - 45+30+1. Shouldn’t it be 45+45+1?

Confirmed with Glock 19, but it worked fine for my Ruger 10/22

Looking into it.

Extended Magtazine = magic kit that somehow makes your existing magazine hold more ammo.
Spare Magazine = An actual spare magazine that you can swap out, but it’s the regular size for the gun.
Nevermind the fact that a single spare magazine somehow fits into every gun ever made.

Also it would complicate the code to make extended mag apply on top of spare mag.

New item perhaps instead?
Extended spare magazine = Spare magazine of increased capacity

That’s a rathole we could keep going down indefinitely :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the bug report, should work as intended again now. (spare magazine will be reloaded with the same kind of ammo as the gun)

I’m pondering allowing the spare magazine to have a different ammo sub-type than the main gun, but it seems to me it’d make it really confusing when reloading different ammos.

That’s pretty fast. Thank you.