Assigning multiple ammunition types to a magazine

So, after a rather frustrating occurrence in my latest run, being that of converting my SvS to .223 for easier access to cartridges, I found that there was no stripper clip available for .223. This made me sad, So I decided to make a small mod that added a collection of four stripper clips and loading tubes, that would cover pistols, small bore (~5.56mm) rifles, larger bore (~7.62mm) rifles, and shotshells respectively.

By referencing the 7.62mmR stripper clip and the .223 STANAG cartridge, I have knocked together a shotshell tube, that I think will work as intended, but I am at a loss as to making a magazine accept multiple “families” of cartridges (in the case of this example, both .410 and 12Ga shells)
“id”: “shotgunC”,
“type”: “MAGAZINE”,
“name”: “Quick Loading Tube, Shotgun”,
“//”: “Provisional.”,
“description”: “A spring-loaded tube, designed to store 4 12-gauge or .410 shells, complete with a plunger release to rapidly empty it’s contents into a shotgun’s tube.”,
“weight”: 100,
“volume”: “150ml”,
“price”: 1000,
“material”: “steel”,
“symbol”: “#”,
“color”: “light_gray”,
“ammo_type”: “shot_00”,
“capacity”: 4,
“flags”: [ “SPEEDLOADER” ]

Any help would be greatly appreciated! :smiley:

Why would a magazine or speedloader accept both 12Ga and .410? 12Ga is about 2x the diameter of .410.

In the game, it’s not possible to have a magazine hold more than one ammo type.

Truth be told, I was more thinking about the tube being loaded with one or the other, rather than both simultaneously, more to save on back end leg work then anything, in terms of near-duplicate entries :angel:

Practically, can I make a “copy-from” reference to the 12Ga tube for the .410 one, but change the blurb and ammo type, like below?

    "id": "shotgunC_12Ga",
    "type": "MAGAZINE",
    "name": "Quick Loading Tube, Shotgun",
    "//": "Provisional.",
    "description": "A spring-loaded tube, designed to store 4 12-gauge shells, complete with a plunger release to rapidly empty it's contents into a shotgun's tube.",
    "weight": 100,
    "volume": "150ml",
    "price": 1000,
    "material": "steel",
    "symbol": "#",
    "color": "light_gray",
    "ammo_type": "shot_00",
    "capacity": 4,
    "flags": [ "SPEEDLOADER" ]
  "id": "shotgunC_410",
  "description": "A spring-loaded tube, designed to store 4 .410 bore shells, complete with a plunger release to rapidly empty it's contents into a shotgun's tube.",
  "ammo_type": "Shot_410",

I expect that will work.

It would be nice to be able to mix regular ammunition and tracers, so you can still have the incendiary effect but not use up a whole bunch of them just to set one thing on fire. Like interspersed NATO 5.56mm and incendiary rounds in a 5:1 ratio or something. You couldn’t mix most of the other ammo types together because the different pressures they generate could potentially cause jamming, but tracer rounds are mixed with other ammo all the time.


Ammo type is not the same as a specific item.
Ordinary 5.56mm and 5.56mm tracers are the same “ammo_type” but different items, and they can have different stats and special effects.

Having said that, the game also does not support loading different item types in a magazine at the same time, partially because of some random game internals, and partially because if you have staggered rounds you might also want to specify things about them (maybe I want 5:1 tracers, maybe I want 10:1) or even do select-fire with e.g. revolvers, so enabling that opens a big can of worms on the interface side.

I have a partial work around for that but its kind of weird and limited.

You create a recipe for “interspersed 5.56 NATO” made in batches of 5. Requires (4) standard 5.56 NATO rounds and (1) Tracer round. Each round would have a 20% chance of inflicting the incendiary effect. You could have a version of this recipe for each variety of the 5.56 family of rounds (ex: (4) .223 Remington, (1) tracer.

Damage, penetration, etc would be a weighted average of the stats of the primary round and the tracer.

While it would be technically possible for the incendiary effect to proc more than it would if you had actual interspersed rounds, you wouldn’t need to overhaul the game engine to do it.