Registration does not work for forums

If you try to sign up for registration on this forum, you are met with this 404 error:

Should I open an issue on Github?

Still doesn’t work and we are starting to have a lot of people coming to IRC to ask why and when it will be fixed. Or even who manages the forum(which I don’t know btw).

Good question. I thought everyone abandoned the forum except for kevin and cool.

I joined this forum not too long ago and I do remember having trouble Registering at that time.

Unfortunately I can’t recall how I got past the error, sorry.

All the more reason to resolve this error so that the CDDA community grows.

Being unable to register for the forum may be enough to turn away some interested players.

I have been trying to register on this forum for over a month, and I finally did. I don’t know if the problem is fixed or if the great powers that be have finally taken pity on me and allowed me to register.

This is my very first post.
Hi forum!

Another person just came on the Discord saying that can’t sign up.

Don’t know if redirect them to GitHub or what, it seems no one knows who manages the forums.

Maybe until it’s fixed here, direct them to GitHub like was said^ or even Reddit’s /r/cataclysmdda?

It’s just me, it’s been just me for well over a year now. I have a strong suspicion about what caused this, it’s an anti-spam feature that I enabled a while before complaints stared, I’m turning it off now.

Seems like the anti spam feature is still needed.

Of course it is, but if it blocks legit users we can’t use that one :stuck_out_tongue: