C:DDA Issue Voting Machine - test drive

Official URL: http://iv.cataclysmdda.com:8111
Awaiting domain… All it needs now is a nicer redirect…



Code: https://github.com/drbig/cddaiv

EDIT: Verified users will be kept for future versions. Yes, you should register for real now.

This is what I had in mind. The only caveat is that I’m keeping the case-sensitive logins (we’ll see if that’ll bite). The database is stable, so if you register here you may expect it stays so. This also means the usage should be ‘normal’ - e.g. vote the stuff you’d like to see done now!

I’m keeping the 0.9.x space for bug fixes, as I assume there will be some. The code is up on GitHub, so please feel free to contribute.

I’d like to get it properly hosted next week, including a proper domain. We’ll see how it goes.



Note: you’ll need to make an account again and you should use a working email to test the email verifier. Logins are still case-sensitive.

Hopefully working:

[ol][li]Email verificator[/li]
[li]Built-in scheduler for syncing and cleaning[/li]
[li]Issue updating should work properly (crosses fingers)[/li]
[li]Users should be able to change password and/or email[/li]
[li]Proper redirect after voting[/li]
[li]Should scroll to voted issue (sort of anyways)[/li]
[li]Show if an issue is a PR or an Issue[/li]
[li]Basic view filter[/li]
[li]Server status page[/li]
[li]More details here and there[/li][/ol]


[ol][li]Ensure it works as advertised[/li]
[li]Fix case-sensitive logins[/li]
[li]Write instructions here and there (mostly about registering)[/li]
[li]Read options from YAML config file[/li][/ol]


[ol][li]‘Stale issue’ indicator and filter (see below)[/li]
[li]Password reset[/li]
[li]Clean the damn templates[/li][/ol]

The email verificator and auto-updater are the crucial points here, but testing everything else is also encouraged.

The ‘stale issue’ idea:
Mark issues that were last updated before e.g. ‘one month before now’ as ‘stale/needing attention’. This will add another icon and filter, just like the PR/Issue distinction now.

Thanks to all the alpha-testers. Please have a go and be beta-testers too!


So like I’ve said I will do on IRC I did a small web app for voting on CDDA issues.

At this point I’d like to test it in the wild, so here’s the link: http://kaer.eu.org:8111/all

It will be open since 2014-02-11 until maybe 2015-02-14, unless it breaks down or someone decides to do a spam attack. This is alpha quality software, and intent here is for you to test it and provide feedback. Feel free to post here or nag me on IRC (preferably).

Some points:

[ul][li]The email is not used for anything now, you can input anything that looks valid[/li]
[li]Passwords are stored as salted sha1 hashes, so no plaintext[/li]
[li]This is served from my home ADSL, so it will be slow[/li]
[li]If this ever gets to a permanently hosted state, the database will be wiped[/li][/ul]

Todo / Known bugs:

[ol][li]Scroll to the issue you’ve just voted on[/li]
[li]Email based new account verification[/li]
[li]Spam protection (will include IP logging)[/li]
[li]Built-in scheduler for syncing with GitHub[/li][/ol]

Maybe / Questions:

[ol][li]Trend graphs for issues[/li]
[li]Include only issues (i.e. no PRs)?[/li][/ol]

As I don’t do JavaScript unless really, really necessary the front-end is rather ‘old school’. Personally I’d have nothing against someone pitching in to make a fancy JS-based front-end.

The source code will end up on GitHub in due time.

Welcome to the forums! Don’t feed the ninjas.

Nice! looks awesome so far.

Just for some context for everyone, this is something I’ve been wanting for quite a while to get feedback on bugs and features from everyone.

very nice

Short note after seeing some traffic: please register and cast votes.

This is a software test, the votes don’t really matter yet.

Also I’m working on the todo list and will most likely have a more decent version before the weekend. So stay tuned. Thank you!

EDIT: To make the intent hopefully super-clear:

Go nuts on the thing. Click stuff, input crap etc. Report if there is anything that confuses you, doesn’t work as you’d think it should etc. - especially if you see mile-long stack trace (a page with a glass on top). Include your OS and browser info.

Also plain suggestions as in ‘I’d like it to also have X’ are appreciated.

I was going to say that! Ye bastard!

One of the options “V-menu sort fixes” (it’s a PR, if that matters), appears to currently have -1 votes.

Yeah, the votes are Reddit-like, including negative scores. You can always click the looking glass for the ‘math’ and votes themselves.

when at a tab other than the “all”, vote action automatically takes me back to the “all” tab, besides accepting my vote. (removes selected filtering)

linux 3.18, firefox.

PS. sorting by score would be a useful feature.

[quote=“jcd, post:9, topic:8899”]when at a tab other than the “all”, vote action automatically takes me back to the “all” tab, besides accepting my vote. (removes selected filtering)

linux 3.18, firefox.

PS. sorting by score would be a useful feature.[/quote]

Indeed. Already fixed in the current dev version. It will also scroll so that the issue you’ve voted for is visible. Very much appreciate a proper bug report!

Apropos sorting:
The top and bottom pages do the by score sorting. All and closed pages do the by date sorting. I imagined a fancy JS front-end where you can sort by any header in the browser, though I’m unlikely to implement it.

I’ve also implemented user data updating, tweaks to user page (you see all your votes), minor fixes here and there, and I have a basic model for the email account verification in place, as it turns out I’ll need to write the whole thing on my own.

I have also some additional ideas that I’m likely to implement.

[quote=“dRbiG, post:1, topic:8899”]…
[ol][li]Include only issues (i.e. no PRs)?[/li][/ol][/quote]
Or a way to filter the types. If you could include some other data from the git that could help as well. A PR that’s 3 months old could be understood that it needs some attention to get finished VS one opened yesterday that has an active owner.

I think I’ll use GitHub icons in the column where the looking glass is to indicate whether it’s a PR or an issue. That way people who understand the difference can spot it quickly, and the rest doesn’t get bothered with too much data. The date of opening is right next to it so it should help weed out those ‘needs attention’ PRs/issues etc.

I’ll look into some simple filtering. Issues/PRs; then maybe some filter for ‘old outstanding’ stuff e.g. anything that’s still open but hasn’t been updated in a week (month?).

Thanks for feedback.

Looks really nice. Here my observations:

You can register with the samen name if it has a different casing. eg. OzoneH3 and ozoneh3.

The login should not require the exact name casing.

Voting the same issue up/down twice removes the vote, could be intended though?!

You can vote on multiple issues, if you click fast, before the page refreshes.

[quote=“OzoneH3, post:13, topic:8899”]Looks really nice. Here my observations:

You can register with the samen name if it has a different casing. eg. OzoneH3 and ozoneh3.

The login should not require the exact name casing.[/quote]

We’re so used to the case-insensitive logins we had gotten desensitized to the case :wink: I’ll probably give in and downcase it otherwise some people will inevitably be confused.

Yes. You can ‘unvote’ in case you change your mind. Voting arrows work like on Reddit.

Hmm… as in ‘it doesn’t refresh fast enough’? Well, told ya it gonna be slow.

In the meantime I’ve got the email account activation done, proper redirects, db sync/cleanup logic in place, more issue details (pr vs issue, when updated). I think I’ll replace the demo with a newer version sometime today/evening-ish (CET timezone).

I’m not sure how the forums work, so I’m posting here to to bump: new version is online, more info in the first post (edited).


Quick note: You’ll need to register again, please use a working email.

the revolution has to start somewhere!!

Newest version is in. More serious now - read http://smf.cataclysmdda.com/index.php?topic=9551#msg217865.

Looking good. Just needs some time to grow.

That’s looking really great, should I post an official call for voting in the announcements board, or would you rather I wait until the domain etc is sorted out?

That looks pretty good! I will try to be there sometimes.