New fourm feedback

Sooooooo… A new fourm. Im not sure if I like it. Clunky interface, weird thread viewing, and me not able to log into my old account.
(Also, totally the first to post on it besides Kevin’s post that was nuked)

The password for my account wasn’t working either. But if you had a linked email, you can recover the password to login.

Agreed that the interface feels weird, but Its probably to early to judge it.

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Yeah, I suppose. I’ll give it a week

Yeah, pw recovery by email works flawlessly. Noice to see everyone.

Yeah, I’m not too fond of the new system. It’s clunky and feels like it was built for phones. But then that’s the big trend lately, throw out decades of usability research and just make everything work like a phone. (Then again, it’s all been one big downhill slide from the heights of “well moderated usenet group with a sophisticated newsreader program,” IMO.)
Still, it seems to get the job done, and I don’t hate it.

Edit: it also feels slower than the old forum. It feels kind of sluggish, even on my 3.2 Ghz 8-core processor.
Worse, I used to like to pop open the forum in links2, an ultralight browser with only basic javascript support, to search it for stuff when I had a question about something. It would load almost instantaneously so it wouldn’t break my flow, and even though it only rendered a basic version of the page, it was fully usable and looked just fine.

Discourse, on the other hand, falls over without all its javascript stuff and is just plain unusable unless I throw a full-sized browser at it. Like you can kinda browse the posts in a clumsy way, but the search function doesn’t even exist in the basic html version of the site.

(And hey, it doesn’t let me indent my paragraphs either! Weak.

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Apparently, I’m “D11” now, because I was “D_” on the old forums, and Discourse requires both that usernames are longer than three characters, and that they do not end in an underscore… So I guess it went with padding it with "1"s.

I had to reset the password, too, but that worked fine.

It seems like I lost my mod status for the Spanish board. Most likely the mods in charge of the other language boards lost their powers as well.

That’s not that big of a deal In my case because the Spanish board was pretty dead and we could do without it; but I think Russian and Chinese boards did have decent activity, so the problem might be worth looking at.

I just found out about this new forum because I asked in the IRC, how will old users find out about the new forum? make a notice about it in a redit post about it?
also we can’t change the color of the text?

I like it a whole lot! I think all the new features (actually emailing or notifying you that you have a reply, no extra formatting for links, and prolly others I haven’t noticed) are wicked awesome.

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The new place is mysterious to navigate around…

If you go to the categories tab the arrangement of categories is very similar to the sub-forums on the old site.

how will old users find out about the new forum?

I made a post on Reddit
I’ll see if I can update the old website (But that’s going away too).
It’s linked from The new website and a bunch of wikis.
I’m looking into an email campaign targeting users that were active before smf shut down.
I’m looking into making smf redirect here.

Came here from Reddit. I can’t tell if no one’s posting anything or if I can’t see any of the new posts. I look forward to being on these boards though.

Not a huge fan of the new forums. Like they said the interface feels clunky. The old one was pretty light weight and easy to use. Also, the new website is too bright! :stuck_out_tongue: It’s an apocalypse game webpage with a white background!? Whaaaaaaaaat!? :stuck_out_tongue:
I had meant to say it’s useable.

Apparently old fourm is back up?

i had to google+ (puking) to log in… just use that, that and old account are the same as long you have the same email

If you read the announcement on the old forums you’ll see the details, I guess I should cross-post it.

These forums have been hosted by GlyphGryph for the last 4 years, but that time is coming to an end.

I’ve acquired new hosting at Discourse Inc. and I’ve migrated the entire forum contents (300,000 posts!) there. The new site is accessible at

Please join me there where we can continue to discuss cataclysm (among other things).

This site will stay up in read-only mode until some time in March when the current contract expires, at which point it will go down.

I have a plan for redirecting links to the corresponding posts in that I’ll try to get working before then, so that external links won’t break.

I like the new functionalities… But It will take some time for an oldie like me to get used to the new nav system. Congrats on a job well done… Because “something” :wink: is telling me that the whole process may have taken “a bit more” effort than what it may look by your posts. Thanks for finding us a new home :wink: .

Seriously? Still no voting system?

Love the rest.

It’s here.

  • Hit reply, Click the :gear: icon, click “build poll”.
  • Look up the poll markdown syntax and type it in manually.

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