Raga 32x32 Tileset [WIP 85%]

This tileset started as an effort to complete the excellent 32x32 that Deon released a few months back. At some point on the building effort we realized that we couldn’t keep the mappings defined by Deon’s original tileset, that’s why we thought this split was necesary to keep on progressing while avoiding to confuse other tile editors/creators that wanted to use Deon’s template with the new mappings we use in Raga Tileset, mainly:

  • Vehicle Sections
  • Books

Here is the link to the old thread that contains Deon’s original work plus some extensions we added while keeping the mappings intact:


As you can guess this is also a Work In Progress possible thanks to the effort of multiple Contributors (In alphabetical order):

ChunkofMeat: Vehicle Sections, Terrain, Misc Items & UI Effects.

Deon: Original Framework designer.

Oakforce: Clothes, Containers & Tools.

Ragamer: Maintainer, Guns, Weapons, Books, Tools, Terrain, Creatures & Misc Items.

Ruxe: Vegetables.

I hope you all enjoy this tileset best suited for desktop screens, and don’t hesitate in offering feedback, additions & criticism.


Here is the DL link on google drive:


The .rar file contains the structure needed so the Tileset is placed correctly if you decompress it directly on the Directory you have Cataclysm installed into.

Please, be aware that if you have Goolgle Docs Viewer Plugin on your browser you will get the contents of the .rar instead. To download the full .rar (So the structure needed is kept for correct installation) use the top left “File” menu -> Download.


For those that were following the ongoing building effort on Deon’s thread this split includes a new update, containing:

  • Vehicle Sections “metal revamp”, Terrain tiles & furniture, courtesy of Chunkofmeat.
  • Clothes, courtesy of Oakforce.
  • Book revamp, Terrain tiles, Guns, Weapons, Tools, Powerarmor sets & Misc items (including the 1st “animated” explosives templates, the flashbang and the firecracker).

A books seems very nice. My congratulations!

No tile - Principles of advacnced programming

Double cower - Robots for fun & profit

Small json correction




Sincerely Your C.O.M

Thanks, Chunkofmeat. Your corrections has been added for the next update, with one exception:

The “double cover” on “Robots” is intentional… It’s the “top tier” of each skill line, representing a “collection” of books ;). In fact I had planned up to 3 books in a pile as the 2 extra tier “reserved slots” for future extensions of the book system.

Once we complete the set and we enter in the polishment phase I will revise this book body model to see if I can improve the feeling of a pile (playing with shadows)… But I don’t have too much room because I can’t show any cover pixel of the bottom one.

Do ya got a ‘missing tile’ tile? Something like a brown square or something.

Some good looking tiles! Keep it up!!

Do ya got a 'missing tile' tile? Something like a brown square or something.

Not sure if I understand your question but there are 2 “special” tiles with a programatic meaning:

  • Tile 26. 100% Transparent tile. Makes the entity assigned to it completely invisible to the players. I use it to remove the “unknown” tile (see below) in the case of terrain types that have an effect on entities that step on them (Namely lava & pits). This types of terrain in reality are defined as 2 entities, a background terrain layer plus a trap that triggers the intended effect on whoemever step on the tile. The original tileset triggered that anoying “grey #” on top of each “dangerous” terrain tile.

  • Tile 54. Unknown tile. The grey “#” used by the engine to show any entity that haven’t been assigned a mapping into “tiles_config.json”.

Minor updates

Thanks, Chunk… I will add them to the update I will release later today.


  • Vehicle Sections, Terrain & Misc Items courtesy of Chunkofmeat.
  • Clothes, Tools & Misc Items courtesy of Oakforce.
  • Creatures, Guns, Weapons, Tools, Terrain, Misc Items & Footsteps effect.

As usual into Google drive:


Another small update


I think that the vehicles look good.

I’ll have to agree with you. Still a bit too big for my tastes, but I’m really liking those wheels, the spiked plating, and the windshields.

Good job, Chunkofmeat… I will pack your changes on Thudsday Update. Among other things It will contain a complete revamp of the puddles (packed similarly looking liquids) that will release some space without having to increase the size of the image.

That is really looking good, you all. Deon’s really needed an update. It is great to see there are still good people willing to contribute.

This is not a problem. Tileset 32 is easily converted to any other smaller tileset. In Cataclysm, version 09, you can dynamically change the tileset without leaving the game. I leave here a link to the package scale, which allows it to do.

It is Raga`s UPDATE 1 + my small update.

P.S. Personally, I prefer 24x24.
P.P.S. Source tileset must be at least 32x32 to properly scaled. If Kevin suffered a determination of the size of tiles in the file tileset.txt and tied it with a definition file tileset with the required resolution, as well as allowing you to change the resolution using hotkeys, then this problem was gone.

Ragas tileset 32x32 [IMG]http://i42.tinypic.com/2wf4cg6.png[/img] Ragas tileset 24x24

Ragas tileset 16x16 [IMG]http://i44.tinypic.com/258o0ex.png[/img] Ragas tileset 8x8

Update 2:

  • Vehicle Turrets & Terrains, courtesy of Chunkofmeat.
  • Clothes & Tools, courtesy of Oakforce.
  • Puddle revamp, explosives, food, guns & misc items.

In Google Drive:

hey ChunkOfMeat can you plz do the FOODCO kitchen buddy?
I just installed it on my vehicle and its a pain going with a # in my ass :stuck_out_tongue:

thx and great job btw


I will do in the near future. I myself do not satisfy the appearance of the kitchen.


  • Clothes, Tools & Misc Items, courtesy of Oakforce.
  • Creatures, Terrains, Farming cycle gfx, Laser & Plasma beam gfx, Guns, Parts, Tools & Misc Items.

In Google Drive:

A note on Completion Percentage:

The percentage of completion is calculated programatically by a java script that scans game files looking for entities that should have a gfx and checks into the tileset completion mask if we have assigned a valid gfx to its foreground or background. It is usefull for us in the sense that at 100% every single entity on the game has a valid gfx but… Ofc, tells nothing about the frequency of the “gray #” a given player may encounter. We select the entities to work into based on the ones we meet in the game, giving priority to terrain tiles & creatures, which means the game will look much better, in general, than what the completion percentage may imply.