Problems with sound using soundpacks

I’ve been using @‘s soundpack and the CO.AG soundpack, but their music keeps cutting out and the sounds only play half the time. I think it’s a more general issue with my laptop though since my YouTube and Steam games also have sound issues. Any advice?

This is most likely not Cataclysm-related as you’ve guessed yourself, but if the problem is happening after your CPU and/or GPU have been occupied for a while (and yes, Youtube would be guilty of that because modern browsers are resource-heavy just by themselves and HTML5-era web players aren’t much better in that regard) this might be an overheating problem. In notebooks everything tends to be integrated into mainboard these days (so a chip that’s not cooled quickly enough will heat up everything around it) however cooling systems in portable computers remained very far from being great, not to mention users keep obstructing air intake with blankets or just their knees. You could try SpeedFan to log various temperatures if it’s compatible with win10.


Alright thanks. So would closing my many Chrome tabs and playing on a desk rather than my bed work in alleviating the heat?

Hopefully. Cataclysm isn’t particularly resource-intensive. You can only know for sure if you monitor temperatures when the hardware is experiencing some noteworthy load.
And only if the problem is truly caused by your audio chip overheating by proxy.

The problem is, if you’re using not just a Windows OS, but specifically 10, you have even less control (or awareness) over what the OS itself is doing at a given moment than usual. The OS might decide it’s a perfect time to benchmark overall system performance or to collect and upload some telemetry to Microsoft.

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A crazy solution to every sound problem you are having in case there is something wrong to your laptop and you can’t fix it. Using your cellphone as a “sound card” for your laptop.

If you have a smartphone, download an app called “soundwire”, and install in your laptop a program called “soundwire server”.
Connect your smartphone to your laptop with a usb and open the soundwire server.(you can connect it with wifi aswell)
Open the configurations of your smartphone and enable tethering. (dont need this step if you are using wifi)
Open the app in your smartphone and write the server adress that is displayed in the laptop program. (dont forget to turn on the internet on your cellphone)
Done, every sound that you open on the laptop will be played in the cellphone instead, i used it for a long time and works perfectly.

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