No sound at all!

I’m a new player (h/t RockPaperShotgun) and just installed the latest experimental Windows Tileset build 0.C-5869

BTW the forum thinks I’m posting external links when pasting the log results… grrrr I’ve had to delete them

I’m not getting any sound at all. The Soundpack setting is defaulting to Basic.

I’ve checked the error log and this shows:

Failed to load audio file data/sound/Basic/Dark_Days_Ahead_demo_2.wav:

When I checked, there is no file with that name in that location.

Guessing that the latest build might have an issue with the Basic Soundpack I went ahead and installed the latest Chesthole soundpack.

I think I set it up properly but I still don’t get any sound when I’ve selected the Chesthole Soundpack in the Settings.

I looked at the log again and I now get this error:

failed to load sounds: data/sound/Chesthole/musicsetDOTjson: line 1:1: member not found: type


"playlists" :

I also checked soudset json and noticed that the files referenced are .wav’s however the actual file in the sub folder are .ogg’s

Likewise the musicset json files are also actually .ogg however the .json file refers to them as .mp3’s!

I went ahead and changed all the .wav and .mp3 references in the .json files to .ogg to match the actual files.

Still no sound…

Can anyone help?

Cataclysm currently has no sound. Not sure why the option even exists.

Hi JimDiGritz,

Welcome to CDDA. I suggest you check out my launcher. It makes it easy and effortless to install one of the popular soundpack. After starting the launcher, select the directory in which you extracted your game. Next, go in the Soundpacks tab, select one from the repository and click on install. I suggest you try the ChestHole one. Next, start your game and go to the Settings -> Options menu. In the General tab, look for the Choose soundpack item and switch it to the new soundpack you installed. Press ESC and answer yes when asked to save your settings. Restart the game and you should now be using the new soundpack.

Have fun!

if you download a sound pack it exists
but mine works just fine , not sure whats going on to ya

Like Gnorse says you have to download a soundpack to get sound. The basic soundpack does technically have sound but the only sound it has is a ding whenever you move from one option to the next on the opening menu screen.

I’m going to second the recommendation to use the cataclysm launcher, unfortunately it only works for Windows so if you’re using Mac or Linux you’ll want to download an emulator like Wine. The launcher makes it simple to download soundpacks and to keep up to date on new builds.

When you say it doesn’t have sound are you by any chance using the latest stable release instead of an experimental build? As I recall Cooper didn’t actually have sound enabled in the stable it was enabled in a later experimental build. Something new players are unlikely to be aware of is that the experimental builds are the ones you want to be playing, the stable build is years out of date.

When I say it doesn’t have sound, I guess what I really mean is that for the last year to year and a half, all the extra stuff like animations and sounds in the graphical version simply don’t function on my machine. Reported that as a bug way back, but that report dead ended and I never used graphical again.

Also, I guess I should have included that part about needing to DL a sound pack. I meant that by default it doesn’t really have sounds. (other than the menu noises)