[MusicPack] CO.AG MusicPack Redux (11-Dec-2019)

  • High quality music: Cinematic terror Atmosphere, dark ambient, melancholic, classic CDDA Post-Apocalyptic background, dark haunting, deep meditative, suspense, slow ambient, pulsating backgrounds, darksynth, immersive ambient, instrumental.

  • The feeling of this soundpack can be compared with other games and films like: Fallout, Alien Isolation, S.T.A.L.K.E.R., Metro, Silent Hill, Neo Scavenger, Resident evil, The Book Of Eli, Chernobyl 2019 series, The Last of Us, The Evil Within.

  • CO.AG MusicPack has royalty free music with attributions (CC-BY) and can be used in YouTube videos or Twitch live streamings, giving proper credits at the original composer, in this case CO.AG. The music remastering process were made by me to fit into the game. More information about attributions and license included inside the CO.AG MusicPack.

  • More info about this license here: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/

  • The playlist order was extremely studied trying to find the perfect transition between tracks which maintains a pattern similar to: calm-tension-terror. The playlist order is not random.

  • Some tracks has short duration (2:30m, 3:00m, 3:30m) in this way, the songs changes more frequently and the soundtrack becomes more dynamic and less repetitive.

  • 62 Songs (Added 36 new tracks in December-2019, originally were 26 in March-2019).

  • More than 3h:22m:00s of immersive Cinematic Post-Apocalyptic music.

What this MusicPack does not have:

  • No more annoying loud backgrounds with loud sound spikes. (Every track has the same balanced decibels, reworked frequencies, noise was removed and loud spikes eliminated).

  • No more overlapping rain or environmental sounds in the music anymore, no more strident sounds or dramatic volume increases, which breaks the immersion (I hate this).

  • No more happy dreamland music (this is the end of the world, the cataclysm, happy music is completely out of place).

I will try to make a concise and clear guide step by step aimed for veterans and new players. The installation process is very simple, copy/paste mostly, so be sure to place the mod contents into the indicated folders:

(If you already have one soundpack installed in your game, just skip this first step and go to the ‘Download the CO.AG MusicPack’ tab)

  1. First you need a soundpack as base where install the CO.AG MusicPack, my recommendation are two: 2ch SoundPack or the @'s soundpack. 2ch soundpack has a great collection of sound effects and variations, it’s updated frequently, fits great into the game and has a lot of potential. @'s soundpack takes all the 2ch soundpack libraries as base and it adds even more sounds effects, it also takes advantage of the new expanded sounds and it includes vehicle effects, like engine humming sound or car door sounds.

  2. When you have decided which, download the soundpack and Unzip the archive with WinRar, 7-Zip or WinZip.

  3. Copy the folder called 2ch soundpack or damalsksoundpack, and put it inside your [sound] folder, it’s located in /data/sound.

  4. Don’t forget to enter in the game, go to the Settings Menu, under the tab [General], At the bottom of the page ‘Choose Soundpack’, and set the soundpack of your choice, and last and more important: don’t forget to save the changes!. If everything was made right, the soundpack should work now.

  1. Download the CO.AG MusicPack Redux from here:
  1. Unzip the archive with WinRar, 7-Zip or WinZip.

  2. Copy the contents inside the [CONTENTS] folder (which contains the musicset.json and another folder called [music], copy both, the music folder and the .json archive)

4. If you have @'s soundpack, follow this procedure:

  • (IMPORTANT DONT SKIP): Enter into the @'s soundpack folder and delete the musicset.json.
    it’s located into the [damalsksoundpack] folder and then, inside the [music] folder. this is required for avoid conflicts.
  • Now paste both, the musicset.json and the [music] folder that you previously copied from the CO.AG MusicPack [CONTENTS] into the /data/sound/damalsksoundpack/
    • NOTE: Overwrite if needed, CO.AG MusicPack just changes the musicset.json

4. If you have 2ch soundpack, follow this procedure:

  • Paste both, the musicset.json and the [music] folder that you previously copied from the CO.AG MusicPack [CONTENTS] into the /data/sound/2ch sounpack/
    • NOTE: Overwrite if needed, CO.AG MusicPack just changes the musicset.json

Start the game and check if the music is playing in the menu, (if not, go to the Settings Menu, under the tab [General] , At the bottom of the page ‘Music Volume’, and set the volume you like, and last and more important: don’t forget to save the changes!.

  • Why the name “CO.AG”?

Is the name of the music composer and producer, as a legitimate recognition of his authorship, I think it is fair to give his name. This MusicPack was born thanks to his music.

  • CO.AG MusicPack no longer includes sound effects, why this change?

Due multiple reasons but in a nutshell:

  • Limited amount of time to put into sound editing (seriously they are hundreds and hundreds of sounds and I’m just one person working on this).
  • This added to the problem of searching over weeks and weeks into multiple creative commons and public domain repositories, exploring and filtering between thousand of sounds, then edit any of these one by one, balance of decibels, compression, sound noise removal, proper looping, correct volume, and mostly and also due the lack of good quality sound effects in most cases, another drawback.
  • I personally have experience working with music, composition, remixing and mastering, however working with sound effects is different, even if both music and sfx has some similar work procedures, the advanced adjustements and the posterior ingame implementations requires different skills that I don’t have, believe me I’ve tried in the last months. I recognize after all this time, that i have underestimated the scale, the time, the knowledge and the skill needed to complete the project as a soundpack.
  • I´m not a programmer, I can understand the logic behind the language but i lack of the knowledge in the matter to write advanced or custom code, it also takes so long because it’s also a learning process.
  • Due all of this, I decided to focus on my strong point, the music and make a 180º turn with the project. We got 2ch SoundPack and @'s soundpack as a great base for sound effects for Cataclysm dark days ahead and their modders seems to be more focused on this specific field, which is great.
  • Personal life goes in our way sometimes… time passes… yeah I know… we are in the same boat here.

  • CO.AG MusicPack will be merged with other soundpacks in the future in order to make installation process more simple and intuitive for the end-user?

I’m old enough to know not to mess with someone else’s hard work, so unless the author of said soundpack contact me personally and authorize me to do so… this will never happen. I also expect the same respect for my work and for CO.AG, the music composer, from the hand of the other CDDA modders. there’s always an invisible but perceptible line drawn into the modding community, it’s not a specific thing with CDDA, it’s global. I’m open to suggestions and propositions anyway as always, because i think the main premise of why we are spending our free time modding this game is because we want to make it better, together.

About CO.AG, The Music composer and producer:

Don’t forget to take a look to CO.AG music on his official sites, if you really want to support the original composer there’s multiples ways to do it. (I honestly believe that this man deserve it, he’s sharing his work with the whole world):

CO.AG YouTube Channel

CO.AG Patreon

CO.AG Facebook

Special thanks to:

  • CO.AG - (For his impressive music and for share it freely with the world, thank you so much!)
  • Douglas Rattmann - (for the guidance, thank you).
  • RRFSounds - (For the temporal sound replacer, thanks)
  • To all of you @'s who creates CDDA content in YouTube and Twitch, thanks for the effort, the passion and for your time, this SoundPack is the way to say thanks to all of you.
  • To all the people into the Cataclysm-DDA forum, and out there in the vast internet, who supported me along this time, with suggestions, with feedback, positivity and a fantastic attitude, for all the times that my mod was shared around internet with other players. i will be specially grateful for the great reception and all the nice comments that people wrote for me and for the soundpack, thank you. :,)

CO.AG MusicPack Redux

– CO.AG SoundPack becomes MusicPack and no longer implement Sound effects into the game.
– Added 36 new songs to the MusicPack (Originally 26-tracks, now it has 62-tracks in total)
– Due this, playlist duration have been increased from [1:40m:00s] to [3h:22m:00s]
– The entire playlist order has been reworked.
– Reworked the entire forum topic making it more simplified and clear, easy to read organized categories and a more concise step-by-step guide has been added, for veterans and new players
– Old links has been removed for avoid confusion and conflicts. The old CO.AG soundpack link still operational while i found a work around, CDDA-Launcher still using it.

CO.AG SoundPack (Only the Music) Alternative Addon: as an alternative option for those looking for total customization of their game. This addon can be merged with other soundpacks (for example: “2ch soundpack”)

CO.AG SoundPack v1.1 (02-Mar-19)

– New sounds with multiple variations for: steps: (barefoot, dirt, grass, metal, water, tarmac)
– New Alarm sound.
– New smash sounds: (hit metal, hit wood)
– Large explosion sound volume has been slightly reduced (destroy the abominations!, not your ears!)
– Multiple changes in the soundset.json. All files names edited, expanded sound variations, fixed some loud volumes.
– Moving on to this Obstacle sound is now deaf (now the sound is the same as the ground on which the character is walking).
– All the audio tracks renamed for future updates.
– Removed old audio tracks that will never be used again to reduce the weight of the soundpack.

CO.AG SoundPack v1.0 (27-feb-19)

– Release


Have you checked 2ch soundpack?

Yes, it’s good. I have something similar in mind for the CO.AG SoundPack.

First thing to get from this soundpack is remove sound of “Moving on to this __________ is slow!”. Cause just go to the forest and you gonna hear it over and over and over yet again. I suggest you mute this sound.

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You mean the step over grass sound? Yeah agree with you, it’s from RRFSounds. it’s going to be changed in the next update, and some enviromental sounds too. trying to preserve the atmosphere with this, loud noises in a loop are not good.

Couldn’t part of that be alleviated with multiple grass sounds so it’s not just a single loop? Not sure if that’s a thing that’s available but it’d make sense. I’ll be giving the sound pack a try and seeing how it is.

“Moving on to this __________ is slow!” has same sound for everything. Table, long grass, water, etc. Everything what has this message when you walk over it gonna have this sound.

I think Kevin mentioned how he’d like to add sound packs to the default launcher, but with how they were set up, It would most likely bug the launcher while it launches the game (Or something related to the coding of the launcher, forgot what he said exactly, but it was something along the lines of messing with the coding, or the files were incompatible with changing the launcher).

How much does this add exactly? Just music or does it also add lots of in-game sounds too? I’d love to get a soundpack for my android version, just want to step off on the right foot.

Kevin wanted sound. But it would require the pack not be infringing or remixing or copying from licensed sources.

In any event. The old chesty soundpack seems fine even on new game experimentals. I thank you for new crap though.

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thanks guys!. I will try to answer all the doubts as soon as possible. I also want to add a Dev-Roadmap right at the bottom of the thread, so you can see what I’m working on right now. I want to make it clear, as I said in the main thread, all the music is royalty free and the sounds that will be added in the next updates will also be royalty free.

I do not want to run with this because I’m looking for the best possible audio quality, plus there is a process of remixing and editing later for every single audio track neccesary for fit well into the game.

That is a good idea, yeah is another good option. The problem with this sound right now as @SomeDeadGuy says: is that this sound is the same every time you step on tall grass, over a table, or any other obstacle, like a generic sound. It would be interesting if “stepping-over-obstacles” can be separated into different categories for differentiate between for example: when climbing a table, or when you pass through tall grass. Right now it uses a generic group made by 3 sounds for every single obstacle ingame.

Indeed, and it’s getting annoying so it will be removed. Another option is to add a new set of sounds, variations with soft volumes, but yeah this sound is annoying, sounds like dragging a heavy backpack every time you step on any obstacle.

This from my point of view is worrying, I would like it to work in the launcher, it is the most convenient way for users to download and install the soundpack, it is also the best way to handle updates. I would like to know more about this, I have sent a request to remyroy’s github to add the soundpack to the list and waiting right now for an answer.

This version has 26 new songs (more info about it in the main thread), the sounds are temporal replacement from RRFSounds. What exactly means “temporal”? means that all the sounds are provisional and will be replaced. The soundpack right now has both, sounds and music.

Thanks! As said, all the music and sounds will be completely royalty free. and was explained in the main thread. This is one of the main objectives with this soundpack, create a full royalty free soundpack with good quality sounds and high quality soundtrack.

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i have once created an ambient horror BGM for C:DDA but i forgot the place where i upload it…

i would like to help though with BGM music.

nope… i found it again…

Damn, the file size isn’t a joke… Literally, its too huge for mobile users to use XD

:smile: that’s what i thought… for the mobile user its a big file. so i made the PC first…
Mobile phone will be added later after i got some grip on requirement.

“Moving on to this Obstacle” sound is now deaf (now the sound is the same as the ground on which the character is walking. much better now). :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m working now in Environmental sounds, (will be added in the next update (v1.1), I hope this weekend) here some changes:

  • New walking sounds (9 variations per each): walk on grass, walk on dirt, walk barefoot, gear jiggle, walk on metal, walk on tarmac and walk on water. The annoying obstacle sound was removed.

  • New Ambience and weather sound effects (I’m studying the variations right now).

  • New smash sounds with multiple variations for metal, doors, glass, trees, vehicles, walls and so on.

  • New Alarm sound


Make sure to keep us updated!


Yes! Finally! Thank you for your hard work! :smile: The sound effect for moving over tall grass gets old quick.

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I was gonna ask about how to install on android with ES, but I woukd doubt most people woukd know

I play CDDA on Android, i can help you. You download the CO.AG file above. Open up ES File explorer, go to downloads, unzip the file, you should get a file named CO.AG Sound pack, then click the “move to” option on ES, move the file to the sound folder under, Android/Data/CleverRaven.Cataclysm/Files/Data/Sound.

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Nvm just being stupid as heck, time to figure out this tileset now
Oh god, just turned a simple trash fire into a dumpster fire, tried moving the whole thing into mods (didn’t work) the moved it to a new folder, moves the contents into the file containing mxotto+_Deadpeople, which replaced a bunch of stuff, and the going into a game I got a code error that said the xotto+ tile wasn’t working, skipped problem, and now my games stuck in ascIII, and I accidently deleted every file in that folder…