Sounds don't play in Build 5565?!

Version: 0.C g50ed458
Windows 7

Actually, I’ve been playing in silence since release 4-something, I forget specifically which… I have ChestHole’s pack selected, installed, the soundpack.txt file is where it needs to be and everything else…

I have tried every solution I’ve come across while scouring the net, but all have been fruitless - I just want the SOUND back in my Cataclysm damnit!>_<

If anyone could offer some insight, it’d be much appreciated!

…Iv’e never heard sound in Cata before, Do you mean the little menu sounds? Cause I’m pretty sure the game doesn’t have native sounds, I know you can mod them in.

Yeah, I made a soundpack mod, Quin.

A couple come to think of it:

Here’s one with public domain music that was too violent for Fallout.

And here’s some Creative Commons instrumental music that I think sounds like it was played in the desert on an acoustic guitar by robots.

vongrimmsy0, I will check the build, but did you quit to desktop? You gotta quit to desktop after doing all that.

Edit: It works for me! I unzipped it to data/sounds, (which you did too, if you selected it) selected it in the options, quit to desktop and restarted the game.

Funnily enough I just installed the Chesthole sound pack using the “MyLauncher” thingy, Couldn’t get it working without it. But I’ll try those too.

Nice! Remyroy said he was gonna add them to the launcher. Remyroy rules!

Yeah, I restarted Cataclysm before I tried, always remembered that step after the first time from when I actually had sound working… ~_~ But since then, I’ve had no luck; currently downloading your soundpack via the launcher and trying again - will report back on how it goes, thanks!

Ok, so I’ve come to the conclusion that I will be unable to complete downloading your soundpack via the launcher; the highest it ever got was 72% before the download failed each time. :frowning:

…But there is hope–! The two sound packs you linked above BOTH work (on Build 5571 now, fwiw). So THANKS A LOT for those, and for making the original soundpack to begin with - great work! :slight_smile: Oh and on the tileset(s) as well! :smiley:

I’ve been wanting to contribute in some manner, and have been screwing around with making my own tileset - I’ll try to upload something once I get more finished!