[SOUNDPACK] @'s soundpack [vehicle sounds, licensed music and more!]

What’s the goal of @'s soundpack?
To simply add missing sounds from the game in order to enhance the experience. It uses 2ch soundpack as a base and I really don’t intend on replacing all the sound effects there, just add.
It’s named like that because so many people have worked on this soundpack that I think it’s unfair for me to choose any other name.

Vehicle sfx
They are extremely basic and might sound somehow clunky, but that will change since they will be expanded. Don’t feel surprised if your death mobile ends up sounding like a normal car, that’s how it is for now and suggestions are welcome.

Gritty, dark, atmospheric dark ambient music to perfectly match the background of your game. It’s brought by Arkham Radio and it’s totally licensed (streamers and youtubers should have no problem) so everybody can enjoy!
Please, make sure to check his YouTube channel and give some support on Bandcamp!

Arkham Radio YouTube channel

Arkham Radio Bandcamp

Live updates [github.com]
Direct download (v0.2)

How to install
Paste the main folder at “/data/sound”.

Feedback, suggestions, etc.
Some sounds may be out of place or be glitchy. Everything reported will be fixed and updated on GitHub, so I really need any kind of feedback to improve this work.
Suggestions are always welcome and I’ll be taking notes on them, you can write it down here, GitHub or just DM me on Discord (damask#1018).

To the unknown people that worked on 2ch soundpack
To Arkham Radio for the excellent dark ambient music
To Vulkan
To RFFSounds
And many others that I have no idea (hit me up if your name isn’t here)
And a special thanks to nexusmrsep for making this possible by adding these new sound hooks and also for being patient with my dumbass questions.


Tested this for couple of minutes. Works great!
And of course it reminded me of this.


Thanks for checking out, glad to hear everything is working fine!
And yes, my intention was to make it sound similarly to what Vulkan did. Gotta make long trips feel comfy.


CHANGELOG (24/05/2019)

  • Added basic vehicle sfx
  • Added geiger counter sfx (low, medium, high)
  • Added jackhammer sfx
  • Added axe sfx
  • Added camera sfx
  • Added crowbar sfx
  • Added gas pump sfx
  • Added hacksaw sfx
  • Added boltcutters sfx
  • Added handcuffs sfx
  • Added noise emitter sfx
  • Added oxytorch sfx
  • Added pick axe sfx
  • Added shovel sfx
  • Added repair kit sfx
  • Added bear trap sfx
  • Added snare sfx
  • Added glass caltrop sfx
  • Added bubble wrap sfx
  • Added glass trap sfx
  • Added dissector sfx
  • Added teleport sfx
  • Added radio static sfx
  • Added bell sfx
  • Added cow bell sfx
  • Added bomb ticking sfx
  • Added earthquake sfx
  • Added lit fuse sfx
  • Added stairs movement sfx
  • Added stones grinding sfx
  • Added radio inaudible chatter sfx
  • Added fire ignition sfx
  • Added inhale sfx
  • Added exhale sfx
  • Added puff sfx
  • Changed menu sfx
  • Changed 2 explosion sfx
  • Changed danger sfx
  • Removed a few night time ambient sfx (they were too noisy)
  • Removed a lot of songs

Live updates [github.com]

Still a work in progress, glitches may be found. Thanks for downloading.


I had actually just re-watched that car sounds video and, I have to say, I am incredibly excited that someone is making a soundpack to follow in it’s footsteps.

You are amazing!


Quick update!

Now we’ve got some good, dark and licensed soundtrack available and distributed by Arkham Radio!
That means that live streamers and youtubers should face no problem while playing the game with music on, big thanks to Arkham Radio for making a little piece of their work available for the soundpack!

You can check out more about Arkham Radio on the links below:
Arkham Radio’s bandcamp
Arkham Radio’s YouTube channel


CHANGELOG (31/05/2019)

  • Added a licensed soundtrack (thanks to Arkham Radio)
  • Added 2 new engine stall sfx
  • Added 4 variations for radio inaudible chatter
  • Added spitting sfx
  • Added whistle sfx
  • Added airhorn sfx
  • Added talking doll sfx
  • Added creepy doll sfx
  • Added snake hiss sfx
  • Added rattling sfx
  • Added eyebot sfx
  • Added riot bot sfx
  • Added nurse bot sfx
  • Added prototype bot sfx
  • Added police bot sfx
  • Added cleaner bot sfx
  • Added miner bot sfx
  • Added security bot sfx
  • Added skitter bot sfx
  • Added shoggoth sfx
  • Removed puff
  • Removed inhale
  • Removed exhale

Live updates [github.com]

As always, it’s still a work in progress and glitches/not working sounds may be found. Thanks for downloading.


will it eventually be possible to have the mp3 player/stereo system play actual music files like in vulkan’s video?

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This isn’t up to me, but… @mr_sep has plans to add this possibility. I cannot say for him but it seems to be high in his priority list once he gets some time to code sound hooks.

As for me, I’m surely gonna add them and also post a quick tutorial on how to add your own music so everyone can have long and comfy trips.

Can confirm what @damalsk said. It’s on a TODO list, and I’ll get there eventually.


So i just heard the hum of my car starting and wow… Really impacts the level of immersion in of course good way… Looking forward to this. You could also add variety to music, not constantly sombre and dark. Something akin to Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement.

Very nice. I am mixing the music with base soundtrack + custom sound(copyright makes this personal soundtrack) atm…

I should however mention the rain soundtracks. It has this low quality edge…? to the sound. I have music turned off so it is incredibly noticeable.

You mean the noise / static in the audio quality right… Its definitely not the best I’d say. Anybody knows how do I change it? Replace it with my own liking of the sound bite.

The attack noises are extremely jarring, and sound a lot like white noise blasting out of my speakers at full volume.

Tried replacing the /melee/ folder with one from a different soundpack, and that didn’t fix it. I’m happy to tried to pinpoint this issue further, but I’m at a loss on how to proceed with the debugging, as I’ve not looked into the code too much before. What other sounds trigger when you strike a zombie with a melee weapon?

There’s more to it than just replacing a folder. The sound effects have to be setup via the json files in the soundpack. In this case, you’d go through the sound\@'s soundpack\melee.json and match up what should go with what in your new melee folder.

Thanks for letting me know about that.

How do I just go through those sound files and play them in order to locate the ones making the terrible noises? Or is it possible that the static noise is coming from a bad pointer in the relevant json?

The sounds are all ogg files. You should be able to play them in most media players. The static is because the sound files are relatively low quality.
When you look at the json files, it’ll be apparent that they’re very simple. All they do is say what sound filles should play during whichever in-game event.

These factors triggers melee sounds and they are related to the characterists of the weapon that you’re wielding:

  • The type of the weapon (bash damage, cutting damage, stabbing damage and so on).
  • The size of the weapon (big or small).

Categories as reference:

  • Big_Bash

  • Big_Cutting

  • Big_misc

  • Big_Stabbing

  • Generic

Also just a suggestion if you’re experiencing “jarring”, clipping or distortion with the sound effects, take a look into your sound card control panel and tweak the frequency. Cataclysm works fine with 44.000Hz, sometimes when using 48.000Hz setup or [.ogg] files with 48.000Hz Cataclysm undergo into some distortion issues, most majority when using 48.000Hz audio files. I recommend 44.000Hz due it’s the standart and the most compatible setup.

44.000 Hz - 24bits (Standart)
48.000 Hz - 24bits (Standart Better quality, may have issues with some games or other software)
96.000 Hz and above - 24bits (Professional Studio Quality)

This also depends the kind of speakers you’re using, it doesn’t matter how much you tweak the sound setting in your computer if the speakers have a low frequency response, the nominal impedance is bad and the dB sound pressure level is low, but worth a try :slightly_smiling_face:

Additionally: the problem may be caused by bad inplemented sound effects files, but you can easily replace these sound files with your own sound effects using the exact same name of the original file, in this way, you don’t need to edit the soundset.json code.

Awesome sound pack.
Would there be any chance to get Ayrtoms Guns emporium reloaded support please?.

latest version I beleive is this


thanks in advance :slight_smile: