Is it just me, or has the game come a really long way, while the mods available haven't?

Just to clarify, I don’t mean to say ‘old mods good, new mods bad’ The newer mods have me super hyped up, like the distributed inventory mod/game build that lets you drop a backpack without dumping all the stuff in it, and people are doing crazy stuff with the game that just can’t be done in earlier versions without injecting code or completely rewriting the source. At the same time, I feel like the number of mods made for the 0.C builds vastly outclasses that of 0.D in the sheer variety, as well as polish(if not balance), available. A lot of mods cause mystery errors, with no noticeable change in gameplay. I find myself scrolling through and going ‘ope, another clothing mod, maybe I’ll check that out.’ or ‘ope, that weapon mod looks neat!’ and then trying to play it only to crash out of game at worldgen. I know that the game came from an abandoned project, and people have ran with it and done wonderful things with it, but it frustrates me, because it seems that it’s happening again: whether due to design choices made by the devs: the VERY early, and sometimes frustratingly unstable nature of the game; the Formula 1 pace of development that’s been going on lately; or simply C:DDA losing its novelty, people seem to be less interested in making stuff for it, while people who would like to see something in-game that doesn’t fit with the core content are left with few options, none, if they don’t have the requisite skills, or time, or patience to do it themselves.

I’ve had a few ideas for mods bouncing around, but I feel they lack the scope that most mods have and the game deserves, so having a more imaginative person that does these things was a godsend for me during the 0.C days.

Anyways that’s a rant over. If anyone has Ideas for stuff I could add, either hodge-podge homemade weapons that have an endgame-y feel, or sci-fi stuff to QoL improvements, shoot me a message, I’ll try to write something for it if I aggregate enough content for me to feel it’s worth the time.

E: so some of you had some really great resources to share, I’ll throw them in here, including a whole bunch of apparently 0.D mods that have been updated or are being maintained now, I’ll me sure to check them out, see what’s there. Thanks.

Remember that 0.C was out for 3 years, while 0.D has only been out for a few months. Give it time, if anything DDA is more popular now than it ever was, which means new mod content is going to show up eventually.

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I’ve only been playing for about a year now. I haven’t even gone through all the mods that are available in the launcher. It seems like good mods get folded into the main game as time goes on. Every changelog seems to add a little something to the game.

I guess I don’t know so tell me what kind of mods are no longer available in the new version?

I’m just gonna leave THIS here…roaringjohn has made an effort to collect every mod available, even to the extent of translating japanese mods for our enjoyment. Be aware, roaringjohn does make an effort to at least keep them functional, but ymmv. Most of these will break the intended balance. Many are unfinished or WIP and a number of them are maintained in their authors own repo. Search or ask for an updated version before you post an issue. Use his repo as a source for ideas and to get a feeling for what’s out there. Enjoy.


this might just be my observation, but I’ve also noticed a few instances of people planning mods only for them to opt to mainline them instead at the urging of a few of the major contributors. Basically if something works with reality and doesn’t break intended balance it can just get mainlined.

You are wrong - CDDA is much more popular than it was 3 years ago. You can start counting new mods and wait for 3 years (time between 0.C and 0.D) to compare whether there are would be less or more mods.

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I think the problem is that there isnt a section that adds currents and new mods. until i saw this thread and malkeus post, i thought that the only mods that existed were those from the launcher; except for a few that i luckily saw in the main section.

Danke, this looks very, very good.

I’ll take a look.