Please help

I am a new player to Cataclysm DDA and I just found a duffel back and a bunch of good stuff. I ran away from some zombies and came upon a different safe house than the one I spawned in. I went inside and went downstairs to look for supplies. You know when you are downstairs and have no light so everywhere is dark squigglys except for a small square around you? Well it was going fine until I went back upstairs and the dark squigglys didn’t go away covering everything, but the top right corner of the screen. So o could see everywhere but where I was and where the computer in the safe house was. I even went outside and still couldn’t see anything. I found that to see I always had to have my flashlight on and I ended up committing suicide. I restart the game several times. Has anyone come across this problem before? I regret killing my character because he had lots of good stuff I doubt I’ll find easily again :(. I’m really mad and am wondering what to do if it happens again!

Uh, was it nighttime?

there is day-night cycle, if you do not have clock or anything to show hour you can see sun and moon animation in place where you see hour

Ok now I feel more stupid for killing my character off. I’m not sure whether it was nighttime, but if it happens again I’ll be sure check if it’s nighttime or not. Thank you because I didn’t know there was one in the game

It was inevitable.

“Help I can’t see!”

“Uh, is it dark out?”

“Yes! How did you know!?”

“It’s nighttime.”