96dcd9c: Can see enemies through fog at night

Windows 7


As seen in the screenshots above, even though it is night, I can see creatures even though it is night and I believe enemies can see me. Safemode will pause the game when an enemy is out in the fog of war, and zombies will go straight for me as soon as I enter their daylight vision range. This did not occur on this save on the build I had as of 4 days ago, it only occurred when i updated to 96dcd9c.

Confirming: happened to me with a fresh survivor on a console build.
Additionally in console build, enemies are visible as glyphs.

Thanks for reporting.

Additional details:
Items are also visible with “V”.
When damage text is moving on the screen, terrain under it is redrawn as if it was lit up.

Windows 7

seeing items and zombies in the fog of war with shift V…
and also on the radar like thing on the side menu…

It’s duly reported, Onin, thanks.

BevapDin posted a fix and it’s going to be merged shortly.