"Cant See to Craft"-issue

Hi guys,

Relatively new to the game, however i’ve encountered a very frustrating problem.

Everytime I attempt to craft something whether through cooking or whatever I get the message “Cant’ see to Craft”.

-I’m not wearing anything on my head.
-Its still daylight and i’m in the overworld outside my evac shelter.
-My character is Not Blinded
-I have all the components required to build what I need
-My Morale is 100

Can anyone suggest why my character has all of a sudden decided he needs to suddenly build things blindfolded? I’m stumped as to why he’s suddenly become so bloody stubborn all of a sudden.

Mucho gracias for any help or suggestions.

Get a flashlight or a lamp, even though it’s daylight. It might be in the mourning

That seems to have fixed it right up, many thanks.

Is there any way to see the current illumination besides the obvious reduction in visual range we get when Night falls??

Currently the only way to check light levels is in crafting menu in the upper right part of the menu.

You can’t craft in a thunderstorm even if it might be light outside.

Yeah, my first thought was thunderstorm. You can read or craft anywhere during the day (except in black areas like lab basements), but usually if it’s DIM lighting you’ll just do it slower. During thunderstorms is the exception though; this requires a light source even if everything is totally visible on screen.