Night-time graphical glitch

For the last 15 or 20 releases, there has been this thing going on at night where if I press ‘x’ to look at something, all of a sudden I’m surrounded by darkness. if I press ‘f’ to fire a gun or something, then im immediately surrounded by darkness and can’t see where to aim. it’s like when something hits you in the eye and you become blinded. My screen goes back to normal once I back out of the ‘f’ screen and the ‘x’ screen.

ALSO, when zoomed out at lvl 2 or 3, if I press ‘x’ or ‘f’ or if a hostile monster is detected, then all of a sudden, the 20 or so squares around me all go totally dark BUT the area outside that circle lights up and is totally visible.

I don’t know how well I’ve described this or if It’s already been listed somewhere else, but it’s REALLY screwing up doing much of ANYTHING at night.

Should be already fixed in the experimental.

Yes, I had just downloaded the most recent earlier and tested it. It seems to be fixed