Ithing support

I really want a mobile version of cataclysm, I don’t care if it costs 3.99 or something. I want an app that let’s me play this mod(pack?). I certainly wouldn’t mind adverts in the app, solong as I can play this mod.

I have an android tablet and I would like to have the ability to play Cataclysm on the tablet.
Don’t know how much effort does it take to port the game…

I have no iOS device or Android device, but if your device has an SSH client you should be able to connect to a server running on your computer and play from it.

I don’t know what SSH is but my computers borked, IPad is my only friend now.

Properly porting Cataclysm would not be a trivial matter, but playing on Android is relatively simple:

Download the free app ‘IRSSI Connectbot’, then follow Eronarn’s directions to get his ssh key and server address. Put the SSH key on your android device, get it loaded in Connectbot, then SSH to ‘’. You can then play whatever version of Cataclysm that Eronarn is running. I’m not familiar with iOS SSH apps but you should be able to do something similar.

If you want to play some cata version that Eronarn isn’t running, it’s up to you to make your own server. (also not a trivial matter - I’ve never been able to get one working)