PK's Rebalancing Unofficial patch

I shouldn’t have used the realistic guns mod to begin with or updated to the newest exp but I had to see the new hunger mechanics, and I cant take off the mod now: ver 8746 - PK - Garden pots - folding parts

 DEBUG    : Error: data/mods//realguns/magazine.json: line 2:3: member not found: name


    "id": "40_speedloader6",
    "copy_from": "40_speedloader6",

 FUNCTION : bool main_menu::load_character_tab()
 FILE     : src/main_menu.cpp
 LINE     : 965

If you’ve added a mod by mistake, you can remove it:


From the mods.json of your save, erase the mod id "realguns" and it works fine as it should :slight_smile:


Thanks for testing the removal out. I was asking on Reddit what to do when I had the same problem, but now I found this. Cool!

image 8806 verison of game have this error(only PK mod installed)

I’ve gotta go to bed, but I’ll fix it tomorrow c:

okay, that particular error should be fixed

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DEBUG : potato_raw in inline_recipe_spider_steak_soup is not a valid item template

FUNCTION : void component::check_consistency(const string&) const
FILE : src/requirements.cpp
LINE : 327

0.D 8833

Errors occur only when PK is loaded

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aaand I’ve fixed that one!

Sorry you look busy but i found this one

game still loading after i choose to ignore it. But,when loading “item” my game crash

you must be using an older version? the only iuse for battletorch used is in a few months old version of this mod, the current version uses a copy-from from vanilla, so it can only import that from either vanilla or another mod loaded before it and cause that error as far as I am aware.

Else it’s a vanilla bug

Can you give me the newest PK link? I dont know where to find it. Thanks

the github in OP with my name in it, you press the clone/download button and download a zip

Mod version from game launcher is your and lastest?

I don’t use the launcher, if it points to the version made by downloading a zip of the OP github repository, then yes it does.

If not, ask the developer.

Oh, im blind, its your version, sorry for disturbing.

Still error when only your mod enabled(version of mod(5.7.2eU0))

It works now, thanks!

vanilla seems to have altered naming conventions for some items, fixed now

not positive this is something PK’s would need to address, but the only other time i’ve seen error messages involving irradiated potatoes it was the case, so my bad if not but is this yours?

02:59:46.366 ERROR : src/init.cpp:126 [void DynamicDataLoader::load_deferred(DynamicDataLoader::deferred_json&)] JSON contains circular dependency. Discarded 2 objects:
“type”: “COMESTIBLE”,
“id”: “potato_raw”,
“name”: “raw potato”,
“name_plural”: “raw potatoes”,
“copy-from”: “potato_raw”,
“freezing_point”: -1000
“type”: “COMESTIBLE”,
“id”: “potato_irradiated”,
“name”: “irradiated potato”,
“name_plural”: “irradiated potatoes”,
“copy-from”: “potato_irradiated”,
“freezing_point”: -1000

using the latest experimentals #8912.

I’ll take a look at it a bit later, thanks for the report.
It doesn’t look like it’ll affect the game, but it’s still nice to eliminate warnings!

i also wonder if it’s from the no freeze mod now that i think about it again considering the weird -1000 freezing point value plus i still see some things freeze, i’ll have to try updating that manually soon.