Some error (possible mod error)

so i just updated the game (its been a while) to 8804 experiment build… and when i play… this error pops up

error 1 :

error 2 :

error 3 (major one, crash the game) :

any fix?

update cataclysm++, update PK rebalancing if you’re using that too

welp… updating the Cata++ and Pk Rebalance from github didn’t fix the 1st error but the 3rd one change to this…

delete PK re balancing first, new versions haven’t had regional settings for nearly a year now, only regional overlays.

Be sure to delete the old mod when you update to a new version to be safe.

i already did that every time i update a mod… same as PK Rebalancing, but after doing that the error change into the picture above…

or maybe im downloading the wrong version…

if you’re not downloading the version with my username in the github, you’ve got the wrong version

this one and click clone or download, then download zip, that’s the best way to update mods

yeah that one… i downloaded that one yesterday and the error changes again… this time the error comes from Pk_regional_setting.json on line 36. the error say something about missing line.