PK's Rebalancing Unofficial patch


Can you try it with a different tileset like retrodays and report back?
It looks like it’s related to rendering, which leads me to believe it’s to do with the tileset or tileset rendering, I’m no expert though.


Can you all please report issues when you face them so I can actually resolve them instead of just making issues on the CDDA repository on github, then closing them when you find out it’s a PK bug so I only hear about them through pure chance?

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Hi! I was trying to play with your mod a while back, but it wouldn’t let me. Right after i tried( hit enter “custom create” option) to custom create a character it would revert to main menu of the game abruptly almost instantly from the mod-loading window. This has rendered me from playing THAT(edit) world let alone create a new character thereby making the game unplayable. I play using the launcher with latest build. I’ll let you know about the error from a test world. Currently I’m at work, so it’d b quite a while before i revert to you with what the error was exactly. I’ll try to be as quick as possible. I havent played with this mod before, but I’m really curious and even excited but lately with so much of changes and progress put into the game playin with this mod seems quite far fetched


I’m not sure if the launcher version works or the launcher fucks anything up, but I’ll compile the latest build of CDDA locally and let you know if I experience any issues.

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I recently found an issue where HP is taking 1 damage for each limb and 1 point to Pain at seemingly random times. I finally pinned down where it can be replicated reliably, and I’ve narrowed it down to PK’s Rebalancing. I was hoping you could have a look? The Save File is attached to the github report.


Is your character irradiated, do they eat healthily and avoid radiation?
This mod utilizes radiation far more than vanilla and that drains the health stat, lowers your healing speed, makes it easier to get sick.

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There’s no radiation in the area, my health is in the 70s or 80s. If you take a look at the save file, you can see there’s nothing around me that can harm me. The damage I take is seemingly out of nowhere, I don’t have the irradiated status effect, and by disabling PKs manually from the map mod file, the problem immediately stops. This is literally the first day of the apocalypse on the edge of a city. I even went in the debug menu to see any hidden values. Only thing I could see is a negative healing number.


Temperature effects (and many others) have been changed in PKs so that you take damage from cold. I’ve had a character in the past who freezed to death inside a house after a bad day 1 fight with only a sliver of health left in torso.


It’s not even that. Comfortable temperatures do not damage you. And even then, youd have to be pretty dang cold to take limb damage.


The only things that could cause this are in pk_effects_override.json and pk_effects.json


You’ve taken a look at the save file? The problem is literally pronounced in it reliably.

And if it is an effect, it’s one helluva hidden effect if it won’t even say what’s harming you.


So I tested with the save and held 5/wait down for enough time for the player to be both quite hungry and thirsty (like 4 hours) and no health was lost
I don’t have any of your extra mods like Cata++ enabled


Slow healer trait does the exact same thing it does in vanilla in PK’s except it lowers your food needs slightly.
You have none of the effects that PK’s affects.



Seriously? Either this game has a mind of it’s own, or something out there is out to get me.

I’ll run some more tests. If not, I’ll just record a video showing what’s going on. I will not allow this bug to make a fool out of me. >_<


I mean it could be that something in cataclysm++ or another mod is incompatible with PK Rebalance for some reason maybe?

So when the two are combined it happens?
Your healing stat should be somewhere around -0.25

Edit: tested again, still didn’t happen with just mods that come with vanilla + PK


Yo, I think it might be the STS mod acting up. Do you have the latest version with the latest bug fixes?


STS isn’t even in my mod list, so it’s definitely not the cause.

After many tests, I decided to say screw it all and rip all the mods out except PK’s and CDDA itself, and the bug still persisted. I have proof of this. Please forgive the video quality:

The beginning shows the bug in action, And at 1:19 is without PK, showing that it is removed.

I did notice a couple odd things. Some of the error messages mentioned Infection and Flu. The thing is my status doesn’t reflect as such. Not sure if it’s a coincidence or something else.

Regardless, the removal of PK’s does eliminate the problem albeit in an extreme way. I’m not trying to be a jerk or anything, but this really bugged me to no end. I was hoping if you had any ideas what could be happening?


It seems you’re using an older build of CDDA and I’m using a newer one.
I can tell by the errors about hair.

0.D isn’t as perfect and bug-free as we’d like to think and current nightlies don’t have this issue, or at least they didn’t in my several runs of testing.

I have no clue what could be causing it in 0.D but not in the newest nightlies.


I’m using build 8624. I’m only 3 builds away from the new experimental. Those errors you see are because I manually took the mods out of my mod list.

The Hairs are from a mod before hairs were mainlined, mostly because these hairs have more customization options. So I’m not quite sure what older build of CDDA you’re talking about, especially since I am on 0.D. But if you really have no idea what’s causing this bug, I’ll just have to live with it. Not much choice, really.


unalbe to place all configured specials,some missions may fail to initialize.

Tips after starting the game
I’ve tested it, and loading PKmod will prompt me。
There will be no such prompt without loading.
English is poor。I hope you can understand what I want to say.