PK's Rebalancing Unofficial patch



minor update, made the cyborg guard take longer to aim, and it does actually tell you when it’s aiming at you too!
I made that a bit louder to the player, try not to wear deafening stuff if you wanna hear it.

The weapon it uses it the vanilla fusion blaster bionic, it’s only overpowered because of a vanilla bug, essentially explosions are OP at the moment, so there isn’t really much I can do to fix it but putting in the effort to tweak the vanilla bionic to be weaker, or make the Cyborg guard use a different version that doesn’t create explosions and only does the raw 40 damage with no armour piercing, which I might make a bit stronger if it does too little damage on a leather armoured character.

It should work straight out of the box on the android nightly builds, if you’re using the play store version, it won’t, this is always made to work with the latest experimental, see the android version thread for where to download the nightly APKs.


It works now:D unfortunately i download the old pk rebalance version lol…thats why it crash


This PR should add a useful measure against cyborg guards in-case anyone is still worried about them :stuck_out_tongue: :


Can u send the download link plz


it’s just the github link under my username, you just download the zip and use that


Quick note since you don’t seem to have issue reports open on your repository: it looks like the TENTACLE attack on some fungal mobs is causing infighting. It might be best to remove them as a fix, so that the hedgerows and walls stop killing the structures they’re supposed to protect.


On another look, the infighting’s still happening after I’ve removed them. I honestly have no idea what’s causing it.