PK's Rebalancing Unofficial patch



I believe that’s the idea


UPDATE 19/11/2018
Made fps far better by making long grass transparent until the draw/LoS code isn’t laggy without this bandaid fix applied
Made monster groups no longer overrides, let me know if there’s issues but should now work great with cataclysm++ and other mods!


getting this error

DEBUG : Error: data/mods//PKs_Rebalancing-master//pk_regional_settings.json: line 371:9: “forest_trail_settings”: { … } required for default

  "map_extras": {
      "forest": {
          "chance": 20,                 "//": "one in # chance of spawning an extra",

FUNCTION : bool main_menu::load_character_tab()
FILE : src/main_menu.cpp
LINE : 946

using newest version of experimental


Getting same error. Reverting update fixes it. Any way of updating the game without crashing?


I’m on it, fix should be there within an hour


did you both delete your old version before updating? I use a regional overlay, not a regional settings json, I deleted that when I did the last bigger update for compatibility.

Be sure to use the version from my github


deleting and re-installing did the trick for me


kewl, that’s what I was assuming based on the error, nothing here to fix thus far


new update, just a minor one, see OP


Getting this error , then trying to create characted


That’s an old version of PK’s or the new version on an older cataclysm build. This error is fixed if using newest versions of both.


I was using last version of build from github. So i nead to instal fixing version first and then last build ?


you need to delete your pk rebalancing folder, and replace it with the one from the github under my name.
If you simply overwrite like I bet most people do, you keep that old file that causes issues with new versions.

You also need the latest experimental as of the latest versions I post.

regional settings simply does not exist as a file in newer versions of my mod.


Oh now i get why it was glitching. Launcher have link to the old version and i didnt check that. Derp.


I’m getting insane amounts of radiation with the latest build 8232 from fighting zombies in melee. After killing just 4 zombies I had 151 irradiated. Anyone else experiance this?


Please nerf Bio Blaster damage a little!

I encountered a guard cyborg equipped with that attack in a lab barracks, while my survivor was handily beating grenadiers and sentry bots, that cyborg just straight up one-shot me from full hp out of line of sight - and through RM13 armor…

Instakills like that are kinda disheartening.


To be fair the lab barracks is by no means supposed to be easy, I’ll see how much damage the player fusion blaster arm does and nerf it to that much tho


I think getting blasted by an guard cyborg should be very deadly, but maybe it should take longer to charge it up or have it be not very accurate?


True that, a delay, warning sound, or the cyborg lighting up to charge would be great. Currently it’s a one-shot kill on most characters if it directly hits


Hi, i download the pk’s latest version then when i generate the world,my game crash…im playing on android…did i missing something? Or there is more step to do for android? Thank you