PK's Rebalancing Unofficial patch



EDIT EDIT: I’m retarded…I added the tags and the smoker works. Unless you’re an idiot and have debug hammerspace on to build the smoking rack…

so…if you drop this version of comestibles.json into your PK_Rebalance_A directory, overwriting the original(backup your stuff first! always!) You should be good to start smoking.


I’ll probably merge that in tonight, just some little thing I overlooked, my bad!


merged that in! thankyou!


Just tried to update with the latest experimental and got this message(game wont open file, but If I use an older version of your mod it works no problem):

DEBUG : Error: data/mods//PKs_Rebalancing-master 11818/PKs_Rebalancing-master//items/comestible.json: line 75:3: missing separator

"relative": {
    "vitamins": [ [ "vitA", 6 ] ]

“effects”: [
{ “id”: “rad_tenths”, “duration”: 3 }

FUNCTION : bool main_menu::load_character_tab()
FILE : src/main_menu.cpp
LINE : 946


My kingdom fell for want of a singular comma…


oops, my bad, wanted to preserve those fancy vitamins, now realized that wasn’t actually necessary as my changes to vanilla ages ago fixed that lol

I don’t play with a meat eating character, so lemme know if smoking stuff wants to work now lol


P.S. While you’re updating things, could you add

"copy-from": "water",

to the entry for water in comestibles.json, so the mod plays nice with noFreeze?


it… already has that?

"id": "water",
"copy-from": "water",
"type": "COMESTIBLE",
"comestible_type": "DRINK",
"category": "food",
"name": "water",
"name_plural": "water",
"description": "Water, the stuff of life, the best thirst-quencher available.  Not quite clean, but some dirt and radiation won't hurt too much, right?  [1 rad]",
"weight": 250,
"volume": 1,
"price": 50,
"symbol": "~",
"color": "light_cyan",
"phase": "liquid",
"container": "bottle_plastic",
"quench": 50,
"ammo_data": { "ammo_type": "water" },
"flags": [ "EATEN_COLD" ],
  "effects": [
    { "id": "rad_tenths", "duration": 10 }

“id”: “water_clean”,
“copy-from”: “water”,
“type”: “COMESTIBLE”,
“name”: “clean water”,
“name_plural”: “clean water”,
“description”: “Fresh, clean water. Truly the best thing to quench your thirst. Mostly free of radiation and dirt. [1/10 rad]”,
“effects”: [
{ “id”: “rad_tenths”, “duration”: 1 }


Where’d you get that entry? My version of pk that I just downloaded from the link in your op has the same entry, minus the copy from line…Did pk update today?

Edit: wait, I’m using the alternate version by siyalatas, your version has it fixed. I’ll bug them, sorry.
Edit2: I see I’ve been missing out on some updates.


mine is generally a little more bleeding edge, often I make the changes after work with no time to test them lol, so the siyalatas will always only have pulled stable changes


new update, should fix launch errors on new builds


mon_bear_smoky is still present in several monstergroups. It’s not game breaking, but it gives errors.

edit: forest-river, wildy and other


oops, didn’t realize it’d be in groups too


Also, you have all the stats for the smoky bear present, the copy from isn’t really necessary


okay, should all work now, just left it with zombear incase anything required in vanilla gets added in future
lemme know if there’s any more errors


Looks good, thanks. Future compatibility…that’s a good plan :wink:


Replaced regional override with regional overlay, mod compatibility should be far, FAR better!
Lemme know how it cooperates with mods it didn’t like before!


I’ve got a question about monstergroups related to something I found in this mod. In this entry:
{ “monster”: “mon_zombie_pk”, “freq”: 1, “cost_multiplier”: 21, “pack_size”: [10,15], “starts”: 50 },
Would I be correct in assuming that the “starts” modifier sets a time for that entry to go into effect? So in this case, on and after day 50, when building a spawnlist from this group, there will be an additional chance for mon_zombie_pk to spawn in largish packs (compared to before day 50)?


yup, that’s how it works as far as I’m aware


Very interesting, thank you. And a little question about upgrades…does there ever come a point when the initial list stops getting referenced. Like, does the game eventually get all zombie spawns from group_mid and group_zombie is tossed??