PK's Rebalancing Unofficial patch



Just to say PK still kicks an error on latest version due to the

reverts to issue

I have manually deleted the reverts to in the folders of PK and no more errors though cant promise its error free.

this is on version 7968



Only "reverts_to": "null" needs to be erased, since a recent PR made it unnecessary. Thanks for the bug report, it should be fixed in the repo now. Older builds may want to hold off on this one (since in those revert_to is still mandatory), or revert to an earlier commit if they encounter any problems.


Awesome I did do it in the version I was using but so much prefer an official fix.

Thanks again for doing this for us


Given that the mod hasn’t been updated for most of this year, you’re probably not going to see any official stuff for ages.

Anyway, pushed a new update, enjoy your shiny new forest and swamp changes!


Sorry don’t mean official as in from original created I mean official as in from you.

Thanks :slight_smile:


hi again thanks for the awesome work just tested on latest version and

thanks so much in advance :slight_smile:


Exact same error here, it instantly kicks you back to main menu.


It should be fixed now, thanks for the hasty bug report.


Thanks for the hasty fix tbh mate.



thank, fixes merged into my github.


new update, more plants n trees courtesy of CC from the base game merged


aand another update, added the dog breeds to properly spawn now and a few missing zeds, made both PK fast skeletons and stronger trees exist by increasing PK’s first evolution zombie spawns slightly which evolve into a faster, stronger variant, normal skeletons should evolve into juggernauts.


I’m having a problem with the No NPC Needs mod not working with this. Just one of three NPCs I’ve had needs water, but not food so far. He’s a post threshold fish mutant which might just be a funny coincidence. Or even a bug in the mainline, but there’s no related issues open on github. Tried putting it at the end of mods.json with no luck.
Also so far I haven’t seen any skeletal juggernauts or zombie hulks, but I’m just getting my first guy off the ground right now and have cleared only two cities.
Good work keeping this alive. Any suggestions as to the mod would be up and above.


I have heard that the thirst and hunger related mutations can override that, I personally play without mutant NPCs enabled because it leads to super overpowered companions that mince everything they come across, and coincidentally avoid that bug usually :stuck_out_tongue:

As a side-note I did an update which I’m occasionally testing that should fix mandatory map specials issues, although give me feedback for how the map feels in regards to cool stuff spawning, having too many specials was pushing a lot of stuff to near-impossible spawn levels, so it should at least have more variety now.

Tell me what there’s too little or too much of vs previous versions.
I’m personally finding cute lil things like homeless camps, malls, that kinda thing, I’m actually seeing them around now.


update, added filthy tags to monsters


Critical error:

DEBUG : Error: data/mods//PKs_Rebalancing-master//pk_regional_settings.json: line 36:9: “forest_mapgen_settings”: { … } required for default

  "boosted_other_percent": 50.0,    "//": "...accounts for this % of total coverage"
  "map_extras": {      
    "//": "mapping for weighted lists of extras",
    "field": {

FUNCTION : bool main_menu::new_character_tab()
FILE : src/main_menu.cpp
LINE : 691


I’ll look into it when I’m back home, sorry, haven’t had time to test lately.
Oddly, I haven’t changed that file since my last testing so it must be a new change in main?


mod works just fine in new builds, you’re possibly using an old version, or outdated mods that conflict somehow?


That error log is causing deja Vu. I’d almost gaurantee you’ve got an outdated version of something.


Does this fix the problem with not being able to smoke meat? It appears the Ascension fork of PK’s doesn’t.