PK's Rebalancing Unofficial patch



I also couldn’t find it on github. Could you post a link?


Are there two links visible in the first post for you? It should be the first one: the “” one.

Be aware that it will download as a .7z file, so you will need a compatible program to unzip. 7Zip is free last I checked though, so you just need to google it if you don’t already have one.


Oh forsure, thanks! I keep on checking the github. I think I did that last time it updated…


I’ve been quite busy, so expect a fix by next monday, I had a burst of energy last night but my stress/mental health levels have been all over the place, in the mean time it could be a learning experience to do a DIY fix yourself, but I’ll post one at some point regardless!


oh wow, they just switched nutrition to calories n stuff among other changes, probably gonna be painful to figure that out, might just try to PR some nausea meds into the maingame and leave it to someone else to maintain this.


nevermind, did it anyway, figured out the calculations needed


You are awesome thank you :slight_smile:



I updated the github version to contain your changes, as well as some minor fixes of mine.

If we find ourselves in a similar situation in the future, please do make a pull request, if it’s not too much of a bother. For now I’ve just credited you in the commit messages.

Great work anyhow, thank you a bunch.


sorry, that was actually the plan, mental health just running low on steam so I just made a quick and dirty patch this one time.

Paperwork and medical stuff can really take it out of you :stuck_out_tongue:


new update, added the new forests stuff, missing basements, shops, parks, city/terrain generation should be better and more up to date now, temperature should be less damn cold because PK’s changes that made it colder as a baseline didn’t feel so great with the freezing stuff in.

As a side-note, I feel like we should have acid rain as something that slowly increases in frequency every season, starting at zero, slowly going up to a cap if that’s a possible feature.


I just tried to update and got this message and the game wont start. Thank you again for all of your amazing work!


oops, a tiny comma I missed, fixing it now, check in 2 mins


Is PK gone or is this just a branch for different stuff based off of his work?


PK is from memory on holiday or something, he has his own life I suppose.
We’re just keeping it up to date where we can as we love his work.


Hi using latest version I get this

thanks in advance :slight_smile:


my bad, give it a minute and should be fixed, I’m apparently bad at proof-reading


Thanks mate appriciate all the awesome work :slight_smile:


lemme know if you spot anything else, haven’t actually had the time to test anything personally lol


Just tested it out, works like a charm now!


update, nothing big but it’s there