Phase Immersion Suit

So, I was going down a lab subway and raiding every lab I came across when I stumbled upon a finale room with a little gem of an item, the Phase Immersion Suit. Now, seeing as it’s a finale reward and I had to battle my way through warping Hounds of Tindalos to get it and the 5-point anchor that came with it, I figured it would be one hell of a piece of gear and, looking at its stats and description, I figured I was correct.

The environmental resistances are over the top, the full suite of gadgetry and integral night vision are pretty nice, too, but there’s just one little problem.

It doesn’t work.

It’s strange that something described as a “suit” covers only the torso slot, but I figured there was supposed to be some plutonium-powered force field or something like that. I figured it would actually do what it says it does and regulate my temperature/protect my mind so that I could finally clear the mi-go scout towers with my high-frequency blade and a bunch of moxie. I tried, and it did literally none of that. The heat still shot into the stratosphere and the dazing screeches still wrecked my shit. I haven’t had the opportunity to test it against an Amigara Horror yet, so I have no clue if the purported mind-control defense works against that.

What’s the deal with this item? What on earth is its purpose, for what is it actually useful? For that matter, what does the 5-point harness do? Is it a wearable grappling hook, or does it have some other extra-dimensional purpose like the flavor text on the suit and the notes around the area suggest it should?

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Climate control works, just like all other climate control does - it’s not super effective against very non-standard temperatures.
Mi-Go don’t use telepathic attacks, so it won’t protect against those.

Maybe I’m way off, but I thought 5 point harnesses were basically fancy seat belts - like for race car drivers or fighter pilots. A strap between the legs, over each shoulder and one on either side of the chest that all click together in front of the wearers’ chest to lock them into place

There was no difference at all in the way my temperature rose while wearing it as compared to not wearing it. The climate control should have lessened the effects at least a little, shouldn’t it? As for the Mi-Go screeches, the suit also says that it reduces the volume of sounds to a safe level, which I took to mean something more than simply preventing gunshot tinnitus.

You are completely right. I mixed up the names on the last bit. It’s called a “5-point anchor”, not a harness and, upon activating it, I can’t see as it does anything of note.

Mi-Go don’t use sound either.

It says it can be reffited, but dont you need to waste some material to refit something? or am i wrong. Can we even get layered carbide at the moment?

Overall, if this thing worked, then it would be interesting alternative to RM13 armor. Its off version better than RM13 off, but RM13-ON being better that IS-ON.

Looking at its stats, i see theese mistakes:

  • it covers only torso, probably should be whole body
  • OFF variant is compleetly radproof, ON variant doestn protect from radiation at all
  • ON variant theoretically can be reffitted, OFF cannot
  • ON variant no longer has build in watch, hygrometer, thermometer, alarm clock
  • OFF variant lacks “TRADERAVOID” flag
  • both versions cannot be repaired, while not certainly bug per-se, it makes it a much, much worse item as it will eventually break
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It’s fitted when inactive, when activated it changes to “poor fit”. Seems like something that just got pushed through before being fully tested and vetted, honestly.

Turns out copy from flag inheritance doesn’t work like I thought It did.

Pr to fix this is up