Apparent minor bug- Phase immersion suit modification and Hub 01

So after getting the phase immersion suit I visited Hub 01 to see if they had anything to say about it. Apparently you can get the suit repaired in their nanofabs (which is awesome) and they had some interesting dialogue about the anchor.

The problem I’m having is that I modded my suit to be UPS accessible because the fuel for it is nearly impossible to find. This works great- all the benefits for a couple heavy batteries- but it appears the dialogue option is no longer available for Hub 01 to repair the suit.

I understand that it’s possible that this may not be a bug- messing with the original suit may make the fabrication not work- but wouldn’t it just remove the modification if that was the case? Seems like it’s just not recognizing it as a modded version of the original object.

Also comfort issues… I’m noticing that since it covers all parts of the body 100% that makes for some weird discomfort issues. You either have to hunt for a zentai suit or accept that you character’s eyes and mouth are going to slow down their overall speed when in the suit. Very strange. Makes me think stuff like bandanas should be close-to-skin and not worn in the normal category as the only comfortable mouth covering in the game that’s close-to-skin is a mouthguard. Alternatively maybe eyes and mouth should not be able to have the discomfort effect.

Also! Loving the tie in. Hub 01 continues to have so much life to it even after you complete the handful of missions they have on offer.

Yeah, the debuffs because of “discomfort” are kinda dumb and non-sensical, almost the same as the wet penalties or the heat penalties stacking because you have different limbs. "Oh no, my pinkie toe is too hot, guess I’ll just start crawling my way around the world now :frowning: "

Yeah. Thankfully found a zentai suit so I’m running around in my low-tech power armor functionally Greenman underneath.

Regardless I agree. I think the discomfort should probably manifest less as slow down and more as various other effects. Probably locational and how long you wear it. Chaffing won’t happen after 15 minutes but a couple of hours. Hiking boots without socks can do in a pinch, but all day? You’ll have blisters on your heels.

I’m still not sure how something could be uncomfortable to the eyes or mouth though. I can think of zero examples of this- especially in the case of the phase immersion suit where it is essentially an overtooled astronaut outfit. My guess is the helmet isn’t morphed directly onto the player character’s face.

There is a separate but related issue with the fact that the Hub Modular defense anchor is counted as rigid. This means that it can’t be worn alongside the Phase immersion suit. This is odd because the normal modular defense can be worn and isn’t considered rigid.