Passive regen without sleep: Do we want it?

re the poll, i’d say the way it currently works is fine, passive regen without sleep i’d think should be a mutation option, but not bog standard.

i just don’t think that the human body without mutations heals itself to any noticeable degree within that short of an amount of time.

even in a few days of time passing noticeable healing is barely observable at best, you would have enough time to see a bruise start to fade, but not much else.

I am reminded of Wolverine from X-Men. When our toons sleep that is. Slow 24/7 heal makes more sense and restrict how many healing aids can be used at one time.

Exceptions are made for removing said items when player toon is “filthy” and in need of changing bandages sooner as a result.

Simply put, heal over a few days passively and heal marginally faster while asleep. Not really a game breaking idea and makes sense than infinite item abuse to insta heal.

Well then, since this seems like an active topic being revisited, I’ll add some opinions of mine:

The Human body is always regenerating, though on a smaller scale than we see in most games and fiction, as our cells repair themselves and such. Do to this, not only Humans, but every living creature has been able to survive for thousands of years, as if we could not naturally heal without modern medicine we would be extinct long before the first book.

Since it is true humans can naturally recover, I believe the player should always regenerate at a smaller scale, of course boosted when resting since physical activities can hamper the healing process.

Does this mean it will be too easy, or wounds can be ignored? No. If a person with a deep wound such as a bite, were to be swinging a weapon, they could reopen the wound, causing many side effects such as pain to bleeding. From here, you can go wild thinking on how the player can suffer from reckless actions while wounded but not crippled.

Than we have mutations, which of course no one wants being obsolete, specifically faster healing ones. If balanced correctly, they won’t be any worse since much fiction uses the idea regeneration is simply cells being able to work faster and harder, like Wolverine of X-Men. This can also include drawbacks, like increased energy or nutrient requirements since the cells will be working harder.

Overall, I’m no expert, but regeneration should be a passive things buffed by sleeping and strengthened by mutations, with risks for the heavily wounded trying to exert themselves.

*Edit: I would also like to say, to make the game not so easy or hard, it could follow a wound system that I briefly talked about. Project Zomboid is an example, as it’s more casual than CDDA, but has more impact I feel when it comes to wounds. The player has to manage them closely, but won’t spends a week in bed because of it. Of course CDDA can expand on the idea, with wounds lasting a little longer and the chance of reinfection or tearing, and medical items should help speed the process up/shorten heal times overall. It would also be nice if bandages got dirty over time, creating a need for wound checks every so often.

Holy Necroed thread batman.

I think sleep healing is too fast even with slow healer.

I could see a small amount of regen during non strenuous activities, the human body doesn’t really stop healing with out drastic reason as far as I know. Things like eating, reading, walking. I think crafting and construction would be too much activity to get any meaningful healing.

But to be honest I am one of those that likes long games and doesn’t mind being cooped up in the base for a week because a horde ripped me to shreds. It gives the game a sense of danger to know that if I try something risky there will be consequences.

Though TBH I am in favor of killing a regen system and putting in a more robust wounds and medical system even though I don’t quite know what it would look like.

To be honest, I’ve always taken the CDDA healing rates to be due to the presence of the blob in the Survivor’s system. That said, I wouldn’t object to an optional mod which nerfs healing rates.

Same here. My headcanon for years now has been that XE037 infection has some beneficial effects on living subjects, including increased healing abilities and improved learning ability.

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I don’t know about construction time, but a day is sill 24h in game so sleep regen is pretty fast.