Can't sleep, not getting tired

I’ve got a game going where I’m three days in, and I cannot sleep. My character never gets a status under the Rest label, doesn’t tired, and is heavily wounded and I reallllly need to sleep. I don’t know what could be stopping me from sleeping. Started as a lab patient, managed to install a couple basic CBMs, torsion and power, nothing weird.

I do have a bunch of random mods enabled. What could it be? Help!

It would help to know which version of the game you’re playing and what mods you have installed.

Healing while sleeping was “removed” (at least heavily reduced) some time ago. If you need to heal, use bandages and disinfectant, even if you don’t bleed and the bodypart is not infected. You heal very slowly.

Do you have defective, noisy bionics which keep you from sleeping? Do you have a mutation reducing the amount of sleep needed?

Healing while sleeping was definitely not removed, you heal more quickly and pass more time while sleeping than while awake.

That’s why I put it in quotes. Compared to earlier versions where you could heal up within one or two nights it was nerfed to a point where you heal quicker with a bandage and some disinfectant on it than within one night of sleep without them.

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Sure, apply disinfectant and bandages, but then sleep. If he can’t sleep, healing will be very low regardless of what you use. Even at decently high first aid, you won’t recover that much from bandages and disinfectant if you’re just walking around.

I get the impression we are talking past each other.

This looks to me like he sets sleep equal with healing. If you’re wounded but can’t sleep, you can just wait and you’ll heal up. Slower, sure, but eventually you’ll heal. That’s why I’ve stated that the system has changed and you no longer have to sleep to heal.

I’m on 0.E experimental; typically in 0.D I am used to sleep giving me a substantial heal. My issues is that my fatigue doesn’t seem to raise at a reasonable rate, I’ve been awake for days and haven’t taken any stimulants and just recently got “Tired”. And when I was able to sleep because of it I slept for close to 8 hours and I don’t notice any healing of my limbs. I have splints on the breaks and bandages on everything I can bandage.